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Top Five Ideas for an Awesome Road Trip in India

Given the fantastic climate many parts of India enjoy round the year, you cannot fall short of places to go for a road trip. Although the poor condition of highways and inner streets may slow down your pace, a real road-tripper will never slow down no matter what. Read below to find out a few tips for a seamless road trip.

Inspect your car

Getting stuck on the road is the worst scenario on a road trip because no one likes to waste the time or money. To avoid any critical situation concerning your car, you must inspect the vehicle a couple of days before you leave for your vacation. Learn preventive maintenance to keep your vehicle in a good operating condition. Changing the oils of the vehicle is a good idea to boost up the antifreeze, power steering, and brakes. Have the mechanic inspect the brakes, belts, hoses, air-conditioner, and heater. Fill the washer fluid reservoir so that you can clean the glass thoroughly. The tire pressure of the car should be within the recommended range of the manufacturer to steer clear of blowouts and flat tires.

Gear up for a breakdown

Even though you take a dozen precautions, your car may still ditch you midway, which is why it is better to be prepared for any such situation. You can efficiently address the problem of a flat tire using a jack, tire iron, etc. Keep an inflated tire in the boot for an emergency. Bring an essential toolkit for the car so that you can fix simple issues. Nevertheless, it is equally important to learn using the tools in addition to just keeping them in the car. Your basic toolkit should include a hammer, an adjustable wrench, a rubber mallet, screwdrivers, a pair of needle-nose pliers, wire cutters, some baling wire, and a rag.

Organize and clean the car

Keeping the car organized and clean is a great way to have a stress-free road trip. Before you leave the house, clean the car thoroughly and eliminate the junk that accumulates in the daily routine. A little bit of trash may be tolerable when you have to commute to work, but not on a long-distance road trip, especially with a few more people in the car. After cleaning the car, think about the way you organize your luggage. Fit the large suitcases at the back of the boot and smaller things at the front that you will need more often. Try to maintain the organized state of the car to have a stress-free vacation.

Plan ahead of time

Making impromptu programs may seem a lot more exciting, but it may prove disastrous as well, especially during extended weekends. You may find the hotels booked, tickets overpriced, and massive traffic on the roads. Although you do not need to script every page of your travel plan, still it is better to have a rough itinerary in hand. Have a general idea of the places you want to visit and the best time to go there. Consider the national holidays and famous weekends as most places are heavily crowded during these times.

Take care of the kids and pets

Kids, as well as pets, are not easy to handle on a road trip, which is why it is essential to consider their entertainment and comfort too. Keep the kids engaged by having them do a few activities on their own. Bring a carrier for your pet so that it does not disturb the driver or the passengers. Stop the car frequently to let everyone in the vehicle stretch their legs and breathe some fresh air.

Road trips can give you incredible memories provided that you prepare well for it. Consider the needs of every person in the car to prepare well for the long vacation and have a great time together. While you are making your road trip plans, you can rent a car from MyChoize to make the trip as smooth as possible. They offer the best car rental service in India and you can enjoy the car rental service for as long as you want. Download the MyChoize app to get best deals!