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How to Manage Time and Money to Travel Often

The most common excuse people give for not traveling quite often is that of time and money. We have seen our colleagues and peers complaining of never having enough leaves or free days to go to a new place, or not never having enough money to spend or rather waste on just a trip. A vacation is never just a vacation if you realize its importance. All of us need to take a break from the mundane routine of urban lives and enjoy a more fulfilled existence. When you are determined enough to go for a retreat, you do not need to think about the work you will leave behind. Everything can wait, but your peace of mind cannot. You can manage time and money only when you want to; no one can force you to do so. Moreover, the only secret you need to know in order to travel more often is that you do not require much of neither money nor time.

Prioritize travel

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Just 2-3 holidays in a three months will not clean out your company; stop thinking that the business you work for is dependent on your shoulders only. You can go for one long vacation at least twice a year without needing much holidays, and at best one road trip a month without taking any leave. The key is to rank travel first in your list of priorities. When you have vacations in your mind throughout the year, you automatically begin revolving things around it. You stop faking sickness for leaves, for example, when you know that you have a limited number of leaves in a year and you would require planned leaves when you want to travel.

Sorting out time

It is easy to sort out time if you are passionate about seeing the world. You would not want to waste your time slugging around the house when you can visit various places around your city itself. If you live in Delhi, for example, you can hardly afford to waste even one weekend without meeting anyone or visiting a new destination. You would just take a metro, bus, cab, or Self-Drive Car without wasting a moment, call up your friends to meet you at a point, and enjoy the day. Even if you are an introvert, there is no dearth of places in India to visit. You can go anywhere without much planning and enjoy your existence.

If you do not find the motivation to call up anyone to join you for a day out or a vacation, you can go on a solo trip or join online forums. The emails you receive on a daily basis will inspire you to leave the house and join strangers from all parts of your city. Trust your gut and go ahead with such groups. If you sense any danger, do not proceed. Else, give yourself a chance to explore the world. Just a morning walk with a bunch of like-minded people is so rejuvenating that you will find yourself addicted to such groups.

Sorting out money

When you focus on travel all the time, you do not feel like wasting all your money on random things that you do not even need. You know what is important in your life and you would always want to focus on that. Without keeping holidays on the top of your bucket list, you cannot learn how you can save money. You can stop spending on, fast food, for example. Rather than buying new clothes every month, you can plan this expense for once in two or rather three months, start managing your personal expenses. You will be amazed how much money you can save just by reserving your cash for holidaying. You can create a separate fund for savings and travel, and activate standing instructions in your account for these deductions. Creating a Recurring Deposit is a great idea to put your money aside for your major expenses and spend the rest for petty outlays.

You can always manage funds for your trips if you really want to. No one in the world can stop you from visiting your dream places unless you let them do so. Life has become so unreliable these days. Why waste time and keep slogging for work when we know that there might be no tomorrow for any of us? Just wake up and make a plan. You can sort out everything.