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Five Reasons We All Should Travel More Often

Although we all know that travel is essential for us to take a break from the monotonousness of life, sometimes we need more reasons to convince ourselves to travel more often than we do. In the world of Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, travel is becoming more of a contest than being something that should please your senses. If you have wanted to travel a little more, but cannot find the grounds to do so, here is what you need to read right now. Take inspiration from other wanderers who still go around the world to expand their horizons of knowledge and feel the bliss in new environments.


Relief from stress

As soon as you book your tickets for a new destination, your mind begins anticipating the new places you will see, people you may meet, and the time you will get to relax and unwind. Going away from your city gives you a chance to wake up without an alarm clock, take time off from office, and just say bye to mental stress. The primary reason people choose to go to a new place is to get some relief from the strain of urban lives. Even if you plan an elaborate itinerary that leaves you tired at the end of every day of your vacation, you still feel yourself in bliss because it was the only positive pressure that you felt.

Young woman relaxing in a hammock, eating an apple

Young woman relaxing in a hammock, eating an apple

Physical workout

When you are in your city, you don’t walk or workout much. On the other hand, when you travel to the mountains, you have to walk a lot while visiting markets, museums, and parks. When you take up physical activities, you can swim, trek, or do rock climbing, which of course burns a lot of calories and increases the stamina in the body. You also get to eat healthy food that makes you feel good from inside.


Cultural enrichment

While meeting new people in a new city, you tend to know about their culture, history, and politics if you show interest, of course. Knowing about different a culture and political scenario opens your mind. Travel enhances your personality when you empathize with others, and you receive new ideas to enrich your mind and heart.


Deeper relationships

When you go out to a place with your family and friends, you can develop deeper bonds with them. Being in a new city without feeling any stress, while visiting new sites, and talking about various things gives time to know about each other. You can immediately feel the enhanced bond with someone when you share different experiences with him or her.

Indian mother on grass talking to infant Photo Harsha KR|CC

Indian mother on grass talking to infant
Photo Harsha KR|CC


Happiness is something that comes naturally when you are at a pleasant place away from your standard surroundings. For most people, travel is a significant way to feel happy. They like to buy souvenirs and click photos so that they do not forget anything about the awesomeness of their vacation. Many things about holidaying make you happy, one of which is just feeling the positive change in your surroundings. The new sights, people, places, and foods are a great way to bring out blissful hormones in your body. Many things may amaze, shock, or inspire you; these feelings can make anyone feel in bliss.



You can travel on any budget, so having less money is no excuse for not traveling. You just need to convince yourself that you want to take a break from your routine. You can find company for your next journey, or just go solo, which is a popular trend in India at present. Just talk to yourself and have only one reason that can take you out of your city. You can bet yourself that you will not regret your decision that you went out, no matter what.

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