Driving From Goa To Chorla Ghat: A Land Of Sublime Weather

Chorla Ghat, a place not known by many people visiting Goa or to any nearby places, is a land filled with nature’s thrills and frills. With a weather to give you the chillzzz and feel of being in Shimla, this precious piece of India deserves an entry into your travel list. But hang on, that’s not just it, there’s an even better way of making your trip to this piece of land a one to remember. Perhaps self-driving to this sublime land is an option worth trying. And if you’re pondering over your mind about the best route possible, well sight easy and cling on…

A Route worth a try…

 There are many mesmerizing road routes to Chorla Ghat from different nearby cities. The road passage ought to ideally start from Calangute zone in Goa, which is 65 Km away. The Mapura Street and Aldona Street interface the adventure to different spots with waterfalls, backwaters and paddy fields up and down the way. The course has a few little bistros and nearby restaurants which brilliantly serve its customers. Likewise, if you’re heading to North Goa from Bangalore, the Hubli-Anmod Ghat route is probably the best route for you to opt from. With some picturesque views to fill you with a sense of excitement, a waterfall and deer sanctuary which you can definitely try along the way, and some smooth roads to make your journey comfortable, the route is definitely worth a try. So on heading through this route, you will pass through Tumkur, Chitradurga, Hubli, Dharwad, Ramnagar, Anmod, and finally reach Panaji. Chorla Ghat is situated at a distance of about 60 kilometers from Panjim so you can head to Panjim first and then continue your journey to Chorla Ghat.

Perhaps the best way to make most of your journey to Chorla Ghat or even to main Goa is to hire a self-drive car and drive at your will. There’s a sense of freedom that comes with hiring a self-drive car that will make your journey a one to remember. With the route offering numerous attractions like waterfalls and adventurous sanctuaries, self-drive cars or your own cars aren’t a very bad option.

Welcome to Chorla Ghat, your final destination…

chorla ghat

So if after a slightly long journey you’re tired and done with seeing a number of attractions, well, there you go, get ready to feel the essence of nature at your final destination, Chorla Ghat. And if you’re wondering that Goa is all about famous beaches and clubs, well get ready to experience the unique hill side of this beautiful piece of land. But what are the famous places exactly in and around Chorla Ghat? Apart from the scenic hill side roads and amazing weather, here are couple of places you should definitely visit when at Chorla Ghat-

Harvalem Waterfall


harvelam waterfall

A mesmerizing waterfall situated slightly ahead of the Bicholim Town, the views of the waterfall are definitely worth looking at. Although you will have to return back to Bicholim Town for Chorla Ghat, the journey isn’t so long and can be covered in a single day. With water falling from a height of about 50 meters and forest all around it, you are bound to have a lovely time at this place. The best time to see the waterfall is during monsoon when the vapors fall over and you have no option but to carry a rain cover with you.

Arvalem Cave


A small temple like structure made from carving the rock. Some believe the caves are from a Buddhist temple and some believe it’s a Pandava caves. The Pandavas takes stayed here during their exile period.

Vazira Shakira falls

Vazira Shakira falls

If you’re someone really in love with the beauty of nature, then you are bound to fall in love with the famous Vazira Shakira Falls. The twin waterfalls are the biggest attraction in the whole region and with a beautiful view of the mountains to add up to the surroundings, the place is an absolute charm, specially during monsoons.

Anjuna Dam

anjunem dam

Now apart from some beautiful waterfalls along the road and high amount of greenery in the whole region, there is this beautiful Anjuna Dam to fill you with a sense of wonder. A few km away from the main Anjuna Dam gate, you can take the beautiful pictures of entire Anjuna Dam with Green forest and clouds in the background.

So don’t hesitate about anything else and drive to this beautiful piece of Goa and feel a unique and hidden paradise in the region. Sense the charms of those shady mountains and gigantic waterfalls along the whole region and take a necessary break from your daily tough life.