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Bengaluru to Ooty by road: A scenic voyage to the Queen of South India

Road trips, what do they mean to you? A weekend retreat? A business trip, or perhaps a recreational excursion? No matter what the occasion is, every journey infers a different meaning to us. And who doesn’t like a road journey besides? Smooth highways, a comfortable car driving amidst the shady peak passages and some loved ones to go with you. Well there’s your recipe for an ideal road voyage, isn’t it? So in case you’re teeing in for another voyage, allow me to add another amusing road spree to your overly generous travelling list.

Bangalore to Ooty, a road route bursting with the thrills and frills of nature, is irrefutably worth a go. Stretching to a distance of roughly 300 kilometers from Bengaluru, the passage offers multiple attractions along the way for the excessively nomadic self in you. Beginning with the attractive Indian city of Mysore to other popular destinations like Nanjangud, Mudumalai and Masinagudi, you get a privilege of venturing out to these places on your way to Ooty.

Exploring Mysore en-route…

mysore city

Begin your journey via Bengaluru-Mysore highway and reach Mysore after an approximately 6 hours of drive. An ideal approach is to drive over to the place yourself and stop as much as you desire and anywhere you desire. Perhaps even try self-drive cars in Bengaluru and take a halt as per your convenience. Wander in and around this glorious Heritage City and explore some of the most famous places of amusement. Head over to the famous Mysore Palace and St. Philomena’s Church to see the matchless and breathtaking architecture of the places.

A halt at Nanjangud…

Places to visit in Nanjangud

Given the moniker “Paddy Land”, the place is impeccable for perhaps a religious halt along the way. Set on the banks of river Kapila and about 23 kilometers from Mysore, the city has some enchanting temples to fill you with a sense of calm. Particularly famed in the region is the Srikanteshwara Temple. With its breathtaking cravings, sculptures and particularly the size, you don’t want to miss this wonder. And with the temple set at Mysore-Ooty highway itself, perhaps the spot becomes a must visit point on your trip.

The Wild Utopia of Bandipur…

Another wild retreat and maybe an unquestionable must visit place on your way to Ooty is this wonderful yet wild Utopia of Bandipur. Situated a good ways off of around 60 kilometers from Nanjangud, the wild safari of the Bandipur Tiger Reserve is a treat for the guests coming in the territory. The Reserve represents an enormous populace of Biomes and has the highest population of tigers in India. Besides, the best part, the woodland reserve being en route to Ooty, various number of visitors come pouring in to Bandipur, making it a popular destination.

Mudumalai, another woody halt…?

Best Time Visit to Mudumalai

Now after a pleasant and long wilderness safari at Bandipur, if you still have more left in you, head a little further on the same Coimbatore-Ooty-Gundlupet highway for 25 kilometers and you’ll reach another woody paradise so fondly known as Mudumalai. The forest so known for the Bengal Tiger and the Gaur, why not venture to this territory as well along your journey to Ooty?

Rest at Masinagudi!!

Visit to Masinagudi

Adventures can be tiring now and again, particularly when you’ve been teeing in for some wilderness safaris along your voyage. So maybe resting a piece en route is definitely not a poorly conceived notion. Head over to Masinagudi, a delightful range only 30 kilometers from Ooty. Well known for some scenic views, thick woods and bird watching, the spot is ideal for nature sweethearts, bird watchers and simply the ones who need to rest in the midst of nature. Lavish green woods, occupied by a wide cluster of vegetation species, dazzling tall cascades, spouting streams offering bird sightings, and all around flawless scenes are only a couple of the traits that make Masinagudi an unquestionably must visit place. For the ones who long for the experience of untamed life safaris and love being encompassed by the wild, Masinagudi is a perfect place. So take a peaceful halt at this heavenly territory before heading to Ooty.

Welcome to Ooty, your final destination!!

Now after a small stopover at Masinagudi, its time you head straight to Ooty. Driving for less than an hour for about 30 kilometers will get you to this paradise. Queen of South India as it’s called, Ooty is a place you would genuinely want to get to. With a picturesque view of the tea plantations and a weather pleasant as usual, you can expect a quality time staying at this territory of Southern India. Being a popular destination amongst tourists, you can expect to get some seriously comfortable resorts in this part of India.

So what are you waiting for…drive ahead to this Stunning hill station from Bengaluru and enjoy numerous attractions en-route. Have a ton of fun on a wilderness safari at some beautiful woodland reserves or invest your energy in harmony at the picturesque areas of this eminent piece of Southern India.