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Exploring the Tirthan Valley- Himachal’s Hidden Treasure

Tirthan Valley situated at an altitude of 1600 meters and fondly known as the gateway of the Great Himalayan National Park, Tirthan Valley still remains a place unknown to many. A scenic land standing right beside the Tirthan River, the valley is a treat for those longing for a break from the day to day busy life. No matter what your needs are, this piece of land has something for you. From breathtaking nature walks to some thrilling stroll options in the woods, Tirthan Valley is certainly a place for relaxation. So if you’re thinking about the various attractions that make the Tirthan valley a treat for travellers coming from all around the nation and the rest of the world, well, relax and sit easy as I unwind to you some of the best places to visit in tirthan valley.

Those Cloudy Mountains, Oh boy!!

Tirthan Clouds

Who doesn’t like mountains? When in need of a holiday, the first thing that comes to mind is hills, clouds and a nice resort, right? So when you need a holiday like that, Tirthan Valley is the place for you. The peaceful backdrop of Tirthan valley is dominated by some enormously shady mountains, dense coniferous forests and sprawling alpine meadows. So what else do you need? Feel yourself in the arms of nature at this hidden paradise.

That still Serolsar Lake…

Serolsar Lake

Small but beautiful in its appearance, the Serolsar Lake is situated at a distance of 78 km from Kullu, 84 km from Mandi, 25 km from Banjar and 10 km from Shoja. And here’s a thing, heading to the lake is a journey worth trying, with a 5 kilometer long trek from Shoja or Jalori Pass. Upon reaching there, you are welcomed by the crystal clear water of the lake. The lake is located at an altitude of 3199 m. It is surrounded by thick vegetation of alpine forests. There is a myth that even if a small leaf falls into the Lake the birds around takes them out of the lake and keeps the water crystal clear. The water of the lake is believed to have medicinal properties. Hence, it is not difficult to understand why the lake deserves to be in your travel list. And with accommodations now being offered to the visitors, you have an option of arranging a full one day trip with staying there.

The Concealed Paragon of Waterfalls…


An uphill climb from the Rolla village will take you to a gem of a waterfall hidden from the outside world. This small waterfall is surrounded by a peaceful environment around which makes it a place worth visiting if you’re someone fully conceived with the idea of exploring or feeling the beauty of nature right at its helm.

That Primeval Parashar Lake


One of the most stunning excursions in the Tirthan Valley, the Parashar Lake resounds with a phenomenal delight. The three story pagoda style sanctuary on the shores of the lake was built by King Bansen in the fourteenth century. As the name proposes, the sanctuary and the lake are devoted to Rishi Parashar who meditated here.

Heaven of Fishing Enthusiasts…

One of India’s most well-stayed quiet angling camps, the completely clear chilly waters of the Tirthan River are home to an inexhaustible populace of rainbow and dark colored trout. The Himachal government has pronounced Tirthan waterway as a calculating store and taken a choice not to permit any hydro influence venture on this stream so as to keep up its rich amphibian biodiversity. A permit taken for trout angling here offers consent to appreciate angling in a 45 km stretch of the stream that has gobs of focuses for angling aficionados to set the base for calculating.


So stop pondering over your mind over trivial issues and head over to this unbelievable piece of land. Wondering how do you reach there? Well, why not rent a self-drive car from a random car rental and have a merry time driving to this enthralling valley? With self-drive cars, you will not only get the privilege of driving to the nearby places at your will, but also have a wonderful time driving amidst nature.