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6 Best Tips to Rent a Car During this Winter Season

Winters mark the onset of many major festivals celebrated across the country. More importantly, the winters are also synonymous with long weekends and holidays when people prefer to travel the most. Even if the COVID-19 pandemic has left you with limited options for travel this winter, you can avail car rental services to take that long-earned road trip that you have wanted to take all year.

If you are already planning a road trip, here are a few useful tips that will help you select cars on rent more easily:

1. Select the Right Car for your Needs

One of the biggest benefits of choosing a car rental service for your road trip is the flexibility to choose any car you want. If you are travelling in a smaller group and are planning to go somewhere relatively nearby, you can go for a cost-effective option such as a hatchback or sedan. However, if you plan to scale mountain ranges and difficult terrains as a part of your road trip, it is strongly recommended that you rent innova or a similar car which will give you a better driving experience.

2.Plan in Advance

Regardless of how short or long your trip is, it is advised that you plan the costs and itinerary well in advance. This includes making a list of people who want to travel with you, and the costs associated with the trip at the destination and during the journey. When you are planning to get cars on rent , booking in advance can help you get cheaper prices as well and save a lot of money for you to enjoy on the trip.

3.Get to know the Rented Car

This tip can sound weird when you first hear it, but if you plan to go for car rental services, it is a very important step. Most car rental services providers will ask you about your trip and needs, before suggesting the right car for you. Alternatively, if you are making a booking online, you can read the reviews of previous renters and be better prepared for any problems that you might have on your journey.

4.Keep Assistance on Standby

A hundred things can go right on your road trip, but all it takes is that one bad experience to wreck the mood or worse, your entire itinerary. Before setting out on your road trip, ensure to mark the auto mechanics, petrol stations and pit-stops that are easily accessible on your route. Most car rental services such as MyChoize, will also offer you 24×7 roadside assistance letting you travel peacefully.

5.Ensure Safety and Hygiene

Needless to say, the current times demand that people are extra wary of the safety and hygiene measures taken by the car rental service providers. When you take cars on rent, it is important to be upfront and ask about the hygiene measures that the company has taken, and be considerate about maintaining sanitation at all times, especially when interacting with people.

6.Seek Information about Weather Conditions

When traveling in winters, it is important to keep a check of the weather conditions and temperature to expect at the destination that you are traveling to. For instance, if you are planning on traveling to a place that can get cold and icy, make sure to mention that while renting the car, so that the service provider can give you instructions accordingly. Also, plan for minor deviations that can occur in the plan in case of extreme weather conditions.