Top 5 Benefits Of A Car Subscription Service in India


The times are changing fast and Indians planning to buy and own cars are shifting their perspectives. While the convention practice of owning and driving your own car is still prevalent there is a significant rise in people getting a car on subscription. Moreover, since the pandemic, many people have had to move cities and they need a safe, hygienic, and pocket-friendly alternative to buying a car in a hard economy.

Getting an auto subscription seems to be a rage among the urban middle class who are looking for options without the dragging commitments of maintenance, loan payoffs etc.

Here are 5 benefits of a car subscription service:

1. Drive Unencumbered:

Buying a car usually involves heavy financial obligations like a down payment worth lacs, EMIs, maintenance costs, buying and renewing insurance etc. and claims can be a nightmare!

However, when you subscribe a car from a rental service, you only have to pay an all-inclusive monthly rental fee. There is no burden on you to take it for repairs or renew its insurance. You only pay the fee till the time you use and drive the vehicle, and no other ‘hidden’ costs are extracted. Subscriptions range from one month and go up to three years; longer the subscription, lower the cost and if you cancel a subscription before time, there is a minimal penalty.

2. Economical :

Car purchases are essentially asset gains and require careful financial planning and a steady inflow to keep up with regular, additional expenses. You can never get an ‘exact price’ of maintaining a car for years, which just means spending on an asset which gradually depreciates as the years pass.

Any car purchase is bound to run in lakhs and comes with additional costs of maintaining and insuring a car. Alternatively, leasing a car in India is not a very popular option and even where leases are available, the deals aren’t very budget friendly.

Compared to these, auto subscriptions are a pretty sweet deal!

There is only one, all inclusive, monthly recurring fee (which varies from model to model) and it rarely crosses a few thousand rupees. Subscribers pay a security deposit ranging from 2K-6K, which is refunded immediately at the end of subscription. There is no mandatory lock-in period and you get discounts on your monthly rental when you renew your subscription. These features keep self drives light on the pocket !

3. Freedom & Flexibility of Choice :

Getting a car on subscription comes with a Gift Of Choice. You can choose from a wide range of verified rental service providers and also have your pick from among the latest models of your favourite cars.

You can easily compare rates between providers and switch between rental companies or simply upgrade to a better model at the time of renewal. At the end of subscription, renew, upgrade or buy the car at the current market cost. MyChoize offers subscriptions with a lock-in period of one month so you can literally drive a new car every month!

Imagine driving around in a new, fully-maintained car, every few months and getting to experience a variety of models before choosing your favourite!

You can also choose your car, depending on your requirements. If you change cities or have a newborn on the way, you can switch between the types and subscribe to a car which is tailor made for your needs at the time.

4. Digital Assistance At every Step:

With a car subscription service, you get online, digital assistance too. You can book your car, call for cleaning or maintenance, get an upgrade and even be assisted in case of an accident – simply by tapping on your smartphone screens! Many rental services offer 24×7 digital assistance with their subscriptions saving you from the clutches of hassles while on the road.

5. Book A Subscription Today :

Since the pandemic, everyone’s a little weary about travelling in public cabs. Waiting around for a taxi and paying surge prices has always been an issue and even with screen shields, masks, sanitized vehicles etc. you can never rule out the risk of exposure or infection.

While buying a car may not fit your budget, you can book a car subscription almost instantly and get yourself a self-drive rental car today! With self-drive car rental services like MyChoize, you can subscribe car within minutes and get yourselves a car with no waiting period. There are no down payments or , monthly EMIs to be made and you can switch between models, every month without having to worry about the resale value of your car..

Self drive car subscriptions work out well, both in the long and short run. You always have your own, private car for personal use which you can take across the country without worrying about taking a cab when you travel to a different city. Thus, a self-drive car subscription gives you autonomy and limits exposure, keeping you safe.

car subscription can be a great experience which lets you enjoy driving around in a great car, without any burdens of commitment.