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Top Ten Tips to Follow during a Road Trip in India

You can google about the heading of this article, and get the most common tip to get your car serviced. Almost every other article regarding long road trips hacks will tell you to get various parts of your car tuned up. However, let us read ahead to find out a few fresh tips for long road trips that you must keep in mind whenever you plan a road trip in India so that you can be safe and comfortable.

  • Never underestimate the importance of a seat belt. The front passenger and driver must wear the seat belt, and the rear seat passengers should also follow if your car is equipped with rear seat belts. Indian roads are infamous for not being smooth. Even if you do not meet any accident, it is better to be safe from uncalled for bruises in case you encounter an unnoticed speed breaker.
  • It is a good idea to have an additional driver in the car who can extend a helping hand; this may be considered as a road trip essentials, especially on long road trips. The primary driver may feel dizzy, sick, or get tired of driving over long road trips. If there is no other driver to take control of the car, the passengers may get stranded in the middle of nowhere, and you would never want that.
  • Do not forget to carry the duplicate key of your car, but never keep it in the boot or glove box. Let a passenger, such as your Mom, carry the key so that she can keep it in her purse that is not left in the car.
  • Keeping the car clean is important when you have to travel in it for a long time. Before you go on a long road trip do carry a few rags to dust off the dirt, and a few newspapers to clean the windows and use them on the floor of the car during rainy weather.
  • The Indian police may stop the cars coming from other states to check the papers. You can show the Registration Certificate and your Driving License to them. However, it is still better to keep the toll receipts with you, all of them that you get on your way. You must be fully equipped with your papers when you are dealing with Indian police officers.
  • The most essential point of road trip is to research about the local traffic rules of the states that you choose to visit. Although the Indian traffic rules are quite relaxed, still it is better to know a few rules that you must follow. In Chandigarh, for example, you cannot drive a car at high beam. In Gujrat, you cannot drive a motorbike without a yellow strip on the headlamps. In Karnataka, if you are riding a bike with less than 100 CC engine capacity, you should drive alone; having a pillion may invite fine.
  • You may want to stop on your way to fetch water, snacks, etc. and then speed up your driving to reach your destination quickly. It is a better idea to do the opposite of it. You must carry dry snacks and a few sandwiches in the car so that you do not have to stop over too often, and drive at a moderate speed. The latter idea will let you reach finish your journey faster than the former.
  • As soon as the fuel tank reaches the halfway mark, you must refuel the tank and top it up. In case the needle drops below the halfway mark, you must stop at the upcoming fuel pump. In India, some fuel pumps provide only diesel, not petrol. Therefore, it is good to have your car refueled at the earliest or carry a few liters of petrol in the boot.
  • Keep the roads clean by not throwing things out of the car. It is your duty to maintain cleanliness in the country along with the government. Use a spare polythene bag to dispose of trash and throw it in the hotel when you reach.

After making all the efforts to make your road trip successful, make sure that you stay vigilant every second while driving on the Indian roads, which are considered the most dangerous highways in the world. The danger on the roads is an unfortunate fact that every driver should accept on drive very carefully. While you are making your long road trip plans, you can rent a car from MyChoize to make the trip as smooth as possible. It offers the best self-drive car rental service in India and you can enjoy the car rental service for as long as you want at affordable rates to have a safe vacation.