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Why You Should Shape Your Body for a Trekking Excursion

Travelers, whether they belong to India or America, always have a penchant for trekking. They love to walk up to the mountaintop with a backpack and return downhill with a triumphant feeling. It feels great to have conquered a tough trek and come back safely, even though tired. For easy to moderate trails, not much physical activity is required. Just a bit of walk, jog, and cardiovascular exercises are enough to go around well on the hills. However, if you are planning to go for a tough trek, you need to have your physical fitness in place so that you do not collapse while struggling to hike. Even if you plan to ramble with horses or llamas carrying your supplies and gear, you still need to shape your body to walk without much effort.

Time required

For those who are not in good health, a minimum of six months of preparation is necessary for an arduous trek. This includes building your stamina, strength, and flexibility all at once. If you feel that you are in good health for a usual working routine, still you must spend at least three months to build your body. You can begin training with three days in a week and then increase it gradually to five to six days per week. The more you get closer to your trip, the more you will feel energetic.

Cardiovascular exercises

Cardiovascular exercises are aimed at strengthening the heart; it includes running, mountain biking, and hiking. If possible, go to a hilly terrain for training the body. Going vertically upwards and downwards is the best form of cardio training. If you cannot find outdoor spaces for working out, you can join a gym. Begin with walking and running on a treadmill, and then add weight on your back during brisk walking. You can carry a backpack to get habitual of how it will feel when you are on the actual hills. You can also workout on a cross trainer for these exercises. You can also take spinning classes to increase the heart rate along with the muscle training and long hiking.

Have a training partner

Training alone is best since you do not have to rely on someone for a company, especially when the other person has a habit of making excuses. It is better to train alone than to slog along a demotivating partner. However, if you can rely on an inspiring person to push you to the gym even if you do not feel like going, you should definitely take him or her for a company. Having someone reliable means that you can hold each other accountable while you work out. You can also seek help from online fitness forums and websites to find motivation. Do not forget to consult a physician to know the requirements of your body.

Keep energy bars and fruits

If you are trekking with an organized group, they will probably provide you with a few snacks and energy bars. You can also bring fruits for energy, calories, and fiber. If you want to save some space in your backpack, dried fruits are always a good option. Keep as many energy bars as you can to keep yourself energized when you feel tired. Make sure that the energy bars contain a lot of carbs

Keep yourself hydrated

Bring a BPA-free bottle to carry water while trekking. You can also bring a wide-mouth bottle to store hot water, which will give you warmth in cold weather. You can keep the bottle in your sleeping bag to seek coziness quickly while sleeping.

Keeping the body fit is the key to a successful trekking trip. Therefore, make sure that you invest the required time to shape your body so that you do not regret being on the high hills and not be able to trek appropriately. So why wait, reach your favourite trekking destination by renting a self-drive car from MyChoize and enjoy the thrilling trekking experience.