The Toughest Part of Traveling Solo around the World

Many wonderful things, when combined in just one package, make up solo travel. Nonetheless, every incredible thing in the world comes with some challenges. When you plan to travel alone, you have to be prepared for the few problems that come along with the opportunities. Read below to find out the things that you need to gear up for, and the ways to deal with them.

Sharing unique experiences

Whenever we experience something good, it is always great to have someone on the side to share our feelings. However, traveling solo may not let you have someone along at all times. You may see something funny, for example, but when there is no one together to laugh at it, it feels disappointing. It feels rather odd to call someone back home every few hours and tell about your undergoing. You may find a company on your journey, but the company may be short-lived. Even more, if you laugh or weep alone, the passer-by often give you weird looks.

Clicking photos

Most solo travelers often miss someone to click their pictures, and it is not always possible to find someone to click the images. Even if you find someone, you may or may not like the quality of photos. Yes, you can take Selfies or use a Selfie stick for better pictures, but in the end, it is a stupid Selfie only. We have to admit that people do not look good while making weird faces for selfies. The only solution for this is to carry a tripod if you have a DSLR or use the timer of the camera in your Smartphone to click a regular, but a decent photo.

Sharing expenses

Traveling with at least one person or more is anytime cheaper than going solo. When you are with someone, you can split the cost of travel, food, and lodging. However, you have to bear all these expenses on your own while going alone. More so, some services are available on for duos, such as camping. The camp owner may not provide the camp to a single person unless you pay the cost of two people, which is a ridiculous idea. Many sports activities are available for a set of two only. In such a situation, if you do not find someone to accompany, you may have to either return disappointed or pay double the amount.

Guarding the stuff

Although solo travelers do not carry much luggage, it is still a pain to look after the stuff in emergencies. When you want to go to the washroom, have a good time in the swimming pool, go ahead for an adventure sport, or have a good time at the beach; you cannot leave your stuff alone with no one watching over it. Leaving the luggage unattended is a significant problem solo travelers face. Moreover, in case you have more than one bags that you gather during your journey, it becomes a real pain to carry everything at one time. Either you have to take a trolley bag or pack your stuff into one huge luggage.

Traveling solo is rewarding as well as challenging, but overcoming the challenges is indeed the beauty of this form of journeying. You can always go with friends or family, but the essence of solo travel is incomparable. Be prepared for all the difficulties that you may face, but do not shy away from them. Renting a self-drive car is the best way for all the solo travellers to make most of their solo journey. When you return home, it is always worth it to remember everything you did, the people you met, and the fantastic experiences you had.