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Top 5 Unexplored Places to Visit In India

India is a country full of culture, food, traditions, and diversities and what not? But there is another aspect of India that we have kept overlooking for a quite long time now. This is its unsolved mysteries to its places that has always led to an unsolved debate between folklore and science. In this article, we are taking a detour to some of the unexplored places in India stories of which will surely make you visit it once.

Roopkund Lake – Uttarakhand

Set amidst the peaks of mighty mountains of Himalaya, Roopkund lake holds the mystery that takes us back to the Paleolithic age. Yes, you heard it right and that is the reason why this place is also called ‘Skeleton Lake’ or ‘Mystery Lake’ as you can spot the mysterious skeletons of humans and horses from the Paleolithic age. One of the unexplored places in north India this place will surely give you a combination of both an eerie and mesmerizing view of mountain scenery surrounded by a rock-strewn glacier. The place is a popular spot for trekkers.

Best time to visit: August- September

Lonar Lake-Maharashtra

Lonar Lake Maharashtra


One of the most mesmerizing, beautiful places on the earth Lonar in Maharashtra is famous for a crater which is now a lake and popularly called Lonar Lake. The cater was formed 52,000 years back due to a collision of a meteorite on the surface. The place not only holds an attraction to many tourists but also scientific researchers. Recently the lake which is the only salty lake in the basaltic rock in the world has turned pink overnight and is getting popularity and is now becoming one of the offbeat destinations of the state. Apart from the lake, the place is also full of natural beauty with green lushes and flora and faunas. You can also spot some wildlife such as snakes, foxes, mongooses around the famous temple of Gaumukh. Lonar is a place for people looking out to explore unexplained natural mysteries.
Best time to visit: October- March

Dhanushkodi – Tamil Nadu

Self Drive Dhanushkodi to Tamil Nadu

A list of unexplored places in India cannot be completed with the mention of ‘Dhanushkodi’. This small town in Tamil Nadu redefines the meaning of the term ‘isolation’ and is one amongst the unexplored place of south India with its long barren stretch of sand and two mammoth blue expansions of the Indian Ocean on one side and the Bay of Bengal on the other side. Once hit by a cyclone in the year 1964. the town was never built again is kept intact ever since then. You can witness the eeriness of the ruins and the enchanting beauty of nature both at the same time.
Best time to visit: October-February

Jatinga – Assam

Self Drive Jatinga to Assam

A small village in Assam is a perfect destination for a peaceful holiday yet one of the undiscovered places in India. The lush greenery and a backdrop of mountains is a complete set for anyone to sit and enjoy the evening tea. However, this beautiful destination also holds a mysterious phenomenon that happens every year after the late monsoon. The place witness hundreds of birds committing suicide after sunset. While the locals have their own set of spooky theories, the ornithologist has come up with their scientific theory which states this occurs due to dense monsoon fog and high altitude that daze birds while they are crossing the village and they hit the tree and buildings. While we quest on why birds fly during night and get trapped in the same spot every year.
Best time to visit: Sept-December

Magnetic hill of Leh – Ladakh

If you are looking for some real adventure and an enthralling destination of the country and then this is your place. The road to the enchanting hills of Ladakh is known to us very well it offers us the scenic beauty of the mountains and the rough roads that always gives us an adrenaline rush. If you travel by roads of‘Magnetic Hill’ or the ‘Cyclops hill’ of Ladakh which is a small stretch of road you can witness the energy that defies the law of gravity. Yes, you heard it right. This small stretch of road is one of the undiscovered places in India that you would love to explore. Not only this, but the 3 theories associated with its unusualness will also keep you amused.

Best time to visit: Anytime during the year.

India is a land of wonder and many undiscovered places in India are yet to be explored. This land never fails to strike you with awe and leave you stunned with its untouched beauty, marvels, mysteries, folklore. If you are planning for any of these unexplored and captivating places you can always go for a self-drive car rental service from MyChoize cars. All you have to do is select your and rent a car that suits your requirement for the select date. You can also download the Mychoize app from the google play store or iOS App Store and grab the instant Mychoize offers.