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How to Choose the Right Car in India for Self-Drive

Choose the right self drive car in india

Traveling gives you a lifetime experience and hence requires a lot of planning the same is required when you are planning a road trip and arranging car hire for your trip. To make sure you don’t get mislead with the array of choices available in the market of rental car booking we’ve decided to help you out with few tips that will help you to get the best budget car rentals in India.

There’s something you need to understand about rental car booking so that you can start it well and enjoy your travel without any fuss. With MyChoize Cars you can simply skip the ‘car rental near me and come straight to the website or download the MyChoize app. Below is a quick outline of what makes it best for your budget car rentals hunt.


Unlike other service providers the rental car booking here is simple and easier. All we want is your head for your journey with your desired car.


Car rental prices are the most important factor while you plan your travel and hence require proper research before you book for any plan.


Traveling is all about enjoying and creating memories. Hence, it is of utmost importance that you choose a comfortable car as per your requirement. At, you get an array of fleets that fits the size of your ideal family trip.

All you have to do is decide the best car that suits your need. Here are the steps that can help you select one.

How to choose the best self-drive car in India as per your needs?

Decide your requirement:

Calculate the duration for which you require the self-drive car. Is it a long-distance or a one-day car rental? The number of people accompanying you will help you decide the type of car is it Sedan, Hatchback, or a family-size car. You can also search the basis of your make and model type such as Maruti or Innova car rentals.

Understand the travel route:

Check the roads and route of your travel destination do you have to travel through the narrow lanes or do you have roads to climb up. This will help you select the size of the car.

Plan your budget:

This is an important aspect while doing a rental car booking. Check-out various price charged on different types of car and select the one fits in your pocket. Consider checking the extra charges or any hidden charges that may incur later.You can also visit MyChoize Car and check for any discount or seasonal offer we also offer an array of a budget rental car that simply suits to your pocket and requirement.

Who will drive the car:

The choice is yours after all if you are planning for a cozy trip with your partner and need complete privacy then you can rent a car without a driver. Many rental car booking offers you the option of renting a car with a well-trained and licensed chauffeur.

Emergency service:

Check with your service provider if the emergency service is provided in case of any breakdown as this will be of great use in case of any uncertainty during your trip.

One-way or both ways:

This is as per your requirement. If you are the type of traveler who prefers car hire service only to reach the destination, then you need to check if your service provider has any spot near your location where you can return your rental car.

Selecting a car that suits your budget and requirement is a significant task and the above steps can come in handy if you are planning a rental car booking for your forthcoming travel plan.