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To Travel or Not When You Are Committed to Someone

When you are committed or married to someone, traveling too frequently may become a messy business. Maybe that is why; most fulltime travelers are either single or even if they are committed, the person on the other side is a very broad minded one. Even though you may put in lots of efforts to make everything work in the relationship along with your passion of traveling around the world, it is no less than a roller coaster ride.

The quest to find someone compatible  

It is a real struggle to find a person who is fine with you traveling around the world if you are self-employed and he works with a nine-to-five company. He may not be able to accompany you everywhere on your extended journeys. You may lose a potential companion if he does not get along well with your dreams.

The other option is to find someone who is as passionate about traveling as you. It is indeed difficult it is to look for someone with a self-employment that gives the flexibility to work from any place in the world, but it is worth the challenge. If you are lucky, you may surely get along well with an ardent traveler whose work profile matches with you.

The last and the worst option is to settle down at one place with someone whose travel dreams don’t match with you, and no zealous traveler would ever want to do that.

Talk, talk, and talk

There are committed and even married couples who don’t tie down each other if their travel goals do not match. The key to the success of their relationship is communication, and that too healthy communication. You have to talk a lot to your partner, but only when you are in the perfect state of mind to exchange a healthy dialogue.

It is normal for travelers to freak out at the mere possibility of someone crushing down their dreams, but it is equally important not to let out your emotions at the same time when your mind is bursting with anger. As you feel that you have cooled down and you can talk without blaming the other person for your life’s miseries, which may be just fictional at that moment, you must communicate.

You need to sort out your priorities in life and understand your partner’s needs as well. Not all things you want in life may align well, but it is important to categorize them out. The biggest issues of the world have their solutions lying in a healthy dialogue, then why can’t you resolve them? Perhaps the challenges in your mind may be too significant, but your partner eases them out for you in no time. Give him a chance at least.

Settling down

Sometimes, you may never realize, but you may find someone who gives a new meaning to your life, even if it means settling down at one place. The claustrophobic London may not feel as bad as it always did when you were single. The pizzas of Italy may acquire a new taste just because you have someone to share it. The Self Driven Cars in Bangalore may not seem too expensive because you have someone to share its expense. The road trip to the Himalayas may not seem as challenging as it always did because your partner is also willing to accompany you.

With a supportive partner, you may not be able to travel twelve times in a year, but even those quarterly vacations seem to have more value than the solo trips. Give yourself a chance. You may find someone who fills the space in your heart you never knew existed!