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Plan Your Vacation with MyChoize

Plan Your Vacation with MyChoize

We all love holidays and vacations and what can be the best time than now? Now that the country is putting down all the restrictions that were implemented amid COVID-19. Travelers across the world are now all set with their backpacks and road maps to hit on the road and embrace the essence of freedom and nature.

If you are a travel enthusiast and planning to head out with a friend or solo, then here’s a list of things that will help you plan vacation flawlessly.

Set your mind and decide the destination

Yes, we all know that freedom is now available for all the travel enthusiasts and we are so overwhelmed with this mere thought hence, you need to hold on to your horses and take thought on your destination. Just stepping out without a thought of a place can be an adventure but, you would never want to end your trip with a sour moment’s where all unplanned things have ruined your entire travel plan. So, sit back and take time to figure out where you must head.

Decide your travel duration.

This is the most important one as for many of us working people who have recently started heading back to the office will have to plan the leaves only if you have them in your kitty or else you can plan to fall sick. You are blessed if you are a remote employee as you have all the freedom to travel all you need to do is just mark your attendance and work as per your feasibility and plan your vacation.

Set your schedule

A better understanding of the place or destination will help you understand to explore it within the set time of your day. Once the destination is decided, plan your days and stick to it. In the case of road trip planning, you need to set the time and schedule for all your departure and arrival times including your lunch break and halts. Driving can be very tiresome especially if you are planning for a long distance. Make sure you don’t stress your body to cover up some extra mile. Taking a proper sleep, a halt is a must and hence you need to schedule your day accordingly.

Understand the route of driving

Spend some time to understand the different routes and road condition that leads to your destination. You can also check on the traffic condition at specific times as this will help you to take a quick decision in selecting one. Many times specific highways are congested during the mornings and clean during the afternoon. This way you can buy some extra sleep during the morning time and by the time traffic is clear you are all set to hit on the road.

Carry offline maps

This often happens with many of us that we find it difficult to fetch data on online maps due to low internet connection. It will be a wise decision and an essential tip if you are looking for road trip planning. Carry some offline map with you so that you are not wasting time in finding the route by yourself. Also, make sure you check the routes prior to driving.

List down your destination bucket list.

One of the most important things, when you plan your vacation, is to list down the important things that you want to see at the vacation destination. Do a thorough research of your planned destination and set your time to visit those places during your travel or if you plan a stay then make sure you utilize it to the fullest and explore the place.

Book your accommodation

Since we all know that the vacation seasons are going on and a lot of people are now stepping out to enjoy their trip. Having on-the-spot booking in a hotel will be a bit risky as you may not find the best and may end up paying extra. So, once you plan your destination and route. Start working on the accommodation part as booking in advance

may also bring some discount or offers to you and you can use that saved money for buying some souvenir for your loved ones,

Pack light for your road trip

Don’t end up overstuffing your backpack and regretting it throughout the trip. Pack as little as possible avoid adding the items that you can buy on the go such as moisturizer, toothpaste, toothbrush, Shampoo, Soap, etc. Watch or read some articles on how to pack your bags during a road trip and pack accordingly.

Vehicle maintenance

One of the most important factors that you must look for during Road trip planning. A properly maintained car will help you travel hassle-free as compared to a poorly maintained car. You can also plan your vacation with MyChoize –a car rental service that offers you an array of cars ranging from hatchback, MUV, SUV Sedan cars for your road trips at a very affordable price. You can check the plan online or just download the app and avail of great offers.

Other things to keep in mind before you hit on the road.

– Make sure you carry all your documents such as your driving license with you.

– Avoid areas where the number of COVID cases are on the rise. Do proper research of the area of your stay and destination.

– Wear your mask while driving if you are traveling in a group. Failing would lead to a penalty.

– Carry extra safety precautions with you such as sanitizer, masks, and tissue papers.

– Make sure you have the tool kit ready handy with you.

– Check the fuel tank at regular intervals and keep the vehicle fuelling whenever required. Don’t keep the later on attitude as you never know f there is no petrol station for the next few miles of the road.

– Do not over-speed your vehicle.

Now that you know all the rules. We wish you to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Happy Vacations!