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Own New Car with Maruti Suzuki Car Subscription at Mychoize

Own New Car with Maruti Suzuki Car Subscription at Mychoize

Owning a car is always being a matter of prestige and a big financial decision. Looking to the increasing inflation in the country and ongoing fluctuations in the fuel prices which are not reducing but increasing also adds a factor that shakes the financial planning of an individual. Car subscription services on the other hand provide an opportunity for everyone to fulfil their dream of buying a brand new car. The concept of car subscription is emerging rapidly in the market and its popularity has increased in recent years.

What is a Car Subscription service?

A car subscription is a service where a company rents you a car for a specific tenure in return for a subscription fee. You can easily subscribe to these services through a website and/or mobile app and select the plan, submit the required documents and pay the fee and get the car at your doorstep or desired location. At the end of the tenure, you can easily return or upgrade to a new vehicle or plan.

What makes a Car subscription service different from a standard purchase?

If you are someone looking for someone who does not prefer to invest your big chunk of money in buying a car and stick to it for the rest of your life, then having a car subscription service is the best option for you. You can be the owner of your rented car for the subscribed period. What’s best? You don’t have to make a huge investment in renting. Just pay the refundable deposit amount and the subscription fee.

If you are looking for making the most out of a short ownership period, here are the reason why your next new Maruti Suzuki car should be a subscription.

Selecting the tenure period

One of the main reason prime reason why you look for a car subscription service is the option you get in choosing the tenure period. You can opt for your Maruti car subscriptions for a short period or a longer period.

The choice is completely yours. This is not the case when you go for buying a new car as you get stuck for eternity when you buy one.

All price inclusive

A purchased car comes with several other expenses other than the huge down payment amount and car EMI. If you opt for a Maruti Suzuki car subscription service for a longer tenure, then you pay comparatively less subscription fee the amount will include all your cost of car maintenance and insurance. All you have to bear is the fuel price.

Zero Down payment

One of the big differences that will make you opt for a Maruti car subscription is the zero down payment factor. Yes, you don’t have to pay the down payment amount for your brand new Maruti Suzuki car. Your Maruti Suzuki car subscription monthly fee and deposit amount will be comparatively lesser than the down payment amount that you make at the time of purchase. In any case, the amount is cheaper than the monthly EMI that you pay on your car loan, so you can understand this one big benefit you get in your budget.

Covers insurance and other aspects

Your Maruti car subscription provider will take care of the insurance. Which means no stress on remembering the insurance renewal date! Not only this, the maintenance cost of your vehicle. This will save some fortune for your month-on-month expenses.

No resale worries!

Selling a car at the end of ownership is always a daunting task. You have to contact many agents or brokers and pay them the commission at the closure of the deal. The Maruti car subscription is an ideal deal for you if you don’t want to indulge in this stressed activity. All you have to do is to return your car at the end of the tenure period. It’s that simple and stress-free.

Stay up with the latest trend

If you are someone who wants to stay updated with the latest trends in models of cars, then having a Maruti subscription is the right choice for you. Having the flexibility in choosing the tenure period will give you help you explore and try new variants and models of the Maruti car.

Now that you know the benefits you can have by opting Maruti car subscription. What are you waiting for? Click the browse plan button of MyChoize or simply download the MyChoize app and enjoy the ride of your brand new Maruti Suzuki car.

Happy Subscribing!