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Things to Consider while Planning for a Budget Trip in India

For anyone who comes to India for the first time, it feels like an enormous challenge to stay in the country for a long time. To wander around in India for months, the best way is to be a backpacker, which is no less trial as well. You, coming from a foreign nation, may hear words of advice, caution, and bliss. All this may become too confusing to decide how you should prepare for your backpacker trip to India. Nevertheless, hear things that people tell you, but come prepared to India with an open mind to enjoy your vacation at is best. In addition to the basics you stuff in your bag, make sure you add a few more items to make your vacation even more convenient.

Traveling by train

When you are a backpacker planning to go around the maximum areas of India, the chances are that you will travel by train a lot, and that too in a sleeper class train. Although the layout of the carriage is similar to an AC train, the windows are still accessible to the outdoor elements. Therefore, it is better to come equipped with a chain-lock to keep your bag safe while you can sleep at peace. You should also bring an inflatable travel pillow, a set of earplugs, and an eye mask. For a safer side of traveling in an AC train, you must bring a large scarf or a travel sheet to bar the cool air.

Staying in a guesthouse

You might have stayed in a lot of hostels in Europe, Australia, and South America. However, India may not offer you many hostel dorms, but the guesthouses in many states are even cheaper than the hostels in many countries. Even though the cost of staying in a double-bed room is less, the room may not provide many facilities. Pack a small foldable mosquito net and a mosquito repellant to sleep at peace, a microfiber towel, a toilet roll, and a few sachets of detergent powder. You might love to wash clothes in India as they dry up quickly.


Procuring over-the-counter medicines is not difficult in India, so you may keep a couple of emergency pills with you, and buy a few more when you land in your destination city. The pharmacies can provide you the necessary medicines you need to cure the minor stomachache, acidity, headache, nausea, etc. Even after being cautious about your food and water hygiene, you may find yourself uncomfortable at sometimes. That is why; it is better to have a few essential medications by your side at all times.

Read blogs about Indian cities

Official travel guides are often misleading, no matter which part of the world you visit. Therefore, it is a good idea to have a thorough knowledge about the cities you plan to visit through blogs. Travel bloggers hailing from India are the most genuine story-tellers who will not misguide you. There is nothing worse than wrong information about a place. To be safe in each city and enjoy your backpacking trip the most, it is good to read authentic information about India.You can be a step further if you plan wisely and book cars on rent when you are in India.


India is not a scary place, to say the least. People in Asia are, by nature, welcoming and affectionate in their conduct. Just like any other country, you must be aware of the anti-social elements and come to India with an open mind to take back unforgettable memories. When you are prepared for your vacation, every little hamlet and town in India will please your senses, and you will return to your country with a heart full of memories.