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Top 5 Things to Do in Kashmir

Kashmir is rightly called the Heaven on Earth because of its alluring landscapes, but it has much more to offer than just natural beauty. Whether you love to have the adrenalin rush or the variety of foods in every region, you have arrived suitably in Kashmir. Make a bucket list of things that you must do in this gorgeous crown of India.

Ride a Shikara in Dal Lake


The traditional wooden houseboats of Kashmir are called Shikaras. They provide the best ride in Nagin Lake and Dal Lake as the waters are calm and the ride is soothing. You will miss the actual splendor of Dal Lake if you do not watch it from the Kashmiri people’s point of view. Shikara is not just another boat ride in freshwaters; it is an entirely unique lifestyle of the Kashmiris. Floating amid the clear blue waters of the lake is definitely a thing to enjoy, but you must experience the way of living of the locals. You can shop in the markets for traditional clothes and souvenirs of the state. Dress up in the local clothing and get a few photographs clicked, and enjoy the amorous ride on the boat covered in flowers. Do not forget to visit the floating garden of Nehru Park and Dal Lake.

Gondola Ride in Gulmarg

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A bird’s eye view of the glorious Himalayan mountains and serene lakes feels incredible, isn’t it? You can watch over these magnificent creations of Nature while riding a Gondola, which are the certified cable cars in Kashmir. The gondola is the second highest cable car in the world, which lets you have the bird’s eye view of the Gulmarg Valley enveloped in either verdant green vegetation or a sheet of white snow.

Magnetic Hill

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The wonders of the Magnetic Hill are such that even science cannot answer them. The hill, also called the gravity-defying hill, is said to have magnetic properties that pull heavy vehicles upwards on its own. The structure of the mountain is created such that the automobiles move upward with the ignition off, but you have to turn on the engine if you want to come down.

Chadar Trek

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Chadar Trek in Kashmir is termed as one of the toughest treks of the world as you have to climb up to 11,123 feet at a temperature of -15 to -30 degrees. You have to have significant guts to perform this trek, but be assured that you will witness some of the most astounding sights in the world. The trek, spread over the River Zanskar, remains frozen during winters. During the entire hike, you have to go through the sensitive and hardest areas of the lake enveloped in ice. You can make memories for life if you take this super-challenging trail.

Staying in a houseboat

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Almost everyone picks to stay in a decent hotel; it is a unique experience to stay for a night in a houseboat. The luxuries of the hotels are nothing when compared to the raw magnificence of nature. Yes, you will feel cold at night, but you will forget the discomfort when you sleep in the blanket under the magnificent view of the stars illuminating the freshwaters. The moonlight, in addition, glitters up the white snow to give another splendid sight.

Being there in Kashmir is an exceptional experience for sure and when heading to Kashmir, book self drive cars from Mychoize for an unstoppable journey. You can only be there at the place, have a cup of tea every morning, and simply enjoy the feeling. Nevertheless, you can find an abundance of activities to do in Kashmir and have a great time with your family and friends.