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How to Plan Your Trip During COVID 19

Travel During Covid-19

For most of us summers are the best season to plan a vacation and get some refreshment. But considering the current situation, most of us are now getting extra cautious so that we don’t get in contact with the deadly virus of COVID. Amid all the chaos of COVID norms and travelling restriction what is required desperately by most of us is a weekend trip or a getaway. This article will have covered a few essential tips that you must consider for your small happy trips during this time.

Read up on travel regulations and restrictions

Stay up-to-date on the latest state wise traffic rules and regulations. Make sure you know your destination route and are aware of the state passing or entering regulation imposed by the government.  Many of the states have made it mandatory for travellers to obtain COVID negative certificates. Make sure you carry one to avoid last minute disappointment. So,stay top on the rapidly changing rules if you can always visit the government site to get the recent news.

Check with your physician

This is a mandatory thing and should not be avoided if you are planning a trip alone or with family. As many of us are aware that during pandemic immunisation rate has shown a decrease in many of us. This is especially higher in case of children. Make sure that you visit your doctor for a routine check up to understand whether it is safe for you to travel right now.

Avoid COVID hotspot areas

Planning your destination is essential during this time. Make sure you are aware of the number of positive cases at your destination and also if there’s any COVID hotspot area. Travelling plans can be very tricky and could be changed instantly while travelling. Since you are travelling at the time of COVID, consider making a plan that has all pre decided spots and places flexible plan may lead to entering or spending time in area which can lead to health trouble.

Consider the population in and around your accommodation

Maintaining and following the norm of social distancing is the primary thing you should consider. No matter where you are heading to try to book your accommodation at a lesser crowded hotel/hostel.

Consider you mode of transport

Taking a chance of travelling in a public transport could be risky and most of us would not afford to buy a car for travelling.  Going for online car booking can be a good option. You can choose a car that fits your pocket.  Self-drive rental car service offers well maintained sanitized car. Hence, no worries of getting in crowded vehicles for transportation.

Carry your essential COVID bag

Consider packing extra stock of COVID essentials. Knowing that you will not be able to get the same at your location your essential bag must include sanitizer, hand wash, tissue paper, wet wipes, thermometer, latex gloves etc.

Make sure you keep sanitizer away from kids as this is highly inflammable.

Prepare your Kids for staying safe

Travelling with your children this year will be different. Guide your kids about the importance of social distancing and handwashing and wearing masks. Teach them not to panic on sudden contact of other friends.

Stay Safe & Do Wear Mask.