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How is it like to travel in an RV in India?

The trend of traveling in an RV in India or a Recreational Vehicle is relatively new , but it is catching up with all possible haste, especially among the youth. The country has all it takes to be a budding campsite for the campervan travelers. If you are an Indian, you will not face much trouble in getting accustomed to the local conditions of various places. However, if you come from other Asian countries or the Western nations, India might give you significant cultural and geographical shock. Read below to find out what you may come across while traveling in an RV in India.

The state of roads

In most of the regions of India, the expressways are constructed really well, but you cannot expect much from the State or National Highways. However, the construction of roads goes on in the entire nation, and the chances are that you can get good quality, tarmac roads in most of the states. Be prepared to pay toll tax for the National Highways if you are planning to travel by RV in India.

Driving an RV in India

Since an RV is not a small vehicle, you need to be prepared to face challenges while driving. India is not just another developing country. Still, you need to be geared at all times to drive with complete concentration. You will find other drivers honking most of the times to indicate their presence, especially while overtaking from the wrong side. The Indian drivers are not highly aware of the road safety standards, and it is common to spot them on the wrong side of the road on account of their own convenience.

It is better to stay away from trucks and buses on the highways because they do not care much about other vehicles and just push them aside. Driving an RV in India for the first time might not be easy, so it is beneficial to drive early in the morning to avoid excessive traffic. Moreover, if you are a foreign national, try to stay away from hitting even an animal on the road. You never know someone may get offended if you hit something or someone, and you might not be able to handle the

Asking for directions

Although there are road signs installed all over the national and state highways, you can still rely on your GPS on major roads than anyone else to lead you to your destination. When you are in the inner cities, you can ask for directions if you do not find any road signs on the turns. People are generally helpful by nature when you ask for directions in India. However, ask an open question such as, “What is the way to XYZ place?” You will get a reliable response most of the times, or you can ask a couple of more people to be double sure because relying on just one person may not be wise. If you are confused about the directions to a local place, you can ask an auto-rickshaw driver to lead to your destination in the city for a nominal amount of money.

Buying an RV in India

Indian regulations allow foreigners to buy an RV or other cars in India. The foreigners require an affidavit from the magistrate, which is available from the car dealers themselves. However, you must check the regulations of buying and selling a RV in India before signing any papers. On the better side, you can also ask your RV car dealer for the buyback option if you can begin and conclude your journey at the same place.

Parking the RV

Since there are hardly any camping sites in India, you may find trouble in getting adequate water and power supplies for your RV in India. However, you will not find any issues parking the vehicle at tourist places. You can always park your RV near a camping site or at an open ground which is not much crowded. If you do not create any issue for the locals or the tourists, no one will object to parking your RV anywhere. Most grounds or gardens in India do not charge any money for parking an RV. Nevertheless, even if you have to pay a charge, you can ask for a weekly or monthly pass, which is always cheaper than the daily cost.

India, in general, is a safe place to travel, even though driving on the tough roads is a challenge. You just need to be careful with your vehicle, belongings, and other precious stuff. You will find most people trustworthy, but use your instincts to stay away from people who seem doubtful. Never disclose your RV travel status to everyone, unless needed. All in all, travel in an RV with an open mind in India, and you can make profound memories in this gorgeous country to last a lifetime.