Amazing Places to Visit for One Day Road trip from Kolkata

The 350 years old metropolitan city of and capital of West Bengal is presently India’s second-biggest city.

This city is known for its distinguished culture, immense legacy and creative energy and is also popularly known as the intellectual capital of India. However famously labeled as the City of Joy, who says that an individual living in Kolkata can’t feel exhausted staying in the same monotonous routine? Regardless of whether you are a piece of this dynamic city, you’ll, in any case, want to go for a passage or occasion eventually. What’s more, when such an opportunity arrives, it’s wiser to be ready with a rundown of a few unprecedented strange one-day road trips from Kolkata.

We all know that Kolkata is a big city with various beautiful architectural destinations. But if you are keen to explore a little past the cityscapes, and make a nitty-gritty rundown of places to visit near Kolkata for 1 day, then, at that point, read on!

Diamond Harbor

Road trip to Diamond Harbor.

Situated on the banks of the River Hooghly, Diamond Harbor is one of the most loved destinations for a one-day road trip from Kolkata through the vehicle. The exquisite water sees and the tranquil everyday excellence discusses the tastefulness of the spot, and to that end, it’s suggested for all your harmony adoring occasion searchers in Kolkata.

Important Tips:

  • Distance from Kolkata—50 km
  • The time needed to arrive at Diamond Harbor from Kolkata — 1.20 hour
  • What should be done — Boat riding, walk around nature, Oceanside fun.


Road trip to Raichak in Kolkata

The little town of Raichak isn’t indeed little as far as magnificence and social legacy. However, it has a few genuinely fascinating beauty and forts that can seal your journey from Kolkata with aptness. You can witness the excellent engineering in this beautiful area and even unwind at a luxurious retreat in Raichak.

Important Tips:

  • Distance from Kolkata—50 km
  • Distance from Kolkata to Raichak — 1.20 hour
  • What should be done — Boating on River Bhagirathi and Hooghly, investigating the F-post, Lighthouse and Chingrihkali Fort.


Road trip to Haldia in Kolkata

The popular River port of India, Haldia, offers water trade to the country. If you are looking for a complete package of a one-day road trip from Kolkata, Haldia has everything. From the notable landmarks and significant structures to the ideal Marine Drive providing you with a great perspective on the ocean to the essential drifting experience, and so on, and you can appreciate everything here.

Important Tips:

  • Distance from Kolkata to Haldi — 119 km
  • The time needed to arrive at Haldia from Kolkata — 2 hours 30 minutes.
  • What should be done — Visit Sataku, Haldia Dock and Port, investigate Tamluk Rajbari (Palace), Marine Drive and visit Mukhtadham Temple.


Road trip to Chandannagar in Kolkata

Enclosed by the suburbs of Kolkata, Chandannagar is mainly known for an assortment of desserts available here. This town was governed by the Nawabs, which later moved to the French and afterward to the British power. These different episodes of various rulers transformed the city, giving it diverse legacy locales, each talking about its unmistakable culture exhaustively. You can visit the town to see the sublime excellence of French design, the Nawab style of structures and surprisingly British-styled structures.

Important tips:

  • Distance from Kolkata to Chandannagar — 48 km
  • The time needed to arrive at Chandannagar from Kolkata using street — 1.30 hour
  • What should be done — Explore the French legacy, culture and remarkable landmarks, visit the Chandannagar Museum, visit the Patal Bari and Nandadulal Temple.


Road trip to Bardhaman in Kolkata



Vardhman, also addressed as Burdwan, is a popular communication place situated on the banks of River Damodar. This town was considered capital and a print area during the Mughals, and later even by different rulers. Hence, the British named it a significant part of the district. It’s because of these reasons that you’ll get to see a ton of historical and legacy landmarks here. So an ideal voyage on the laps of nature and exploring the leftovers of the past can be on your cards.

Important tips:

  • Distance from Kolkata to Bhardhman — 102 km
  • The time needed to arrive at Bhardhman from Kolkata — 2 hours
  • What should be done — Visit the Gopal Baug, spot uncommon deers at the Deer Park, investigate the chronicled Devi Sarbangla Temple, Tomb of Sher Afghan and unwind at the Golap Bag.


Road trip to Sunderban in Kolkata



This spot is for all the wildlife photographers who love and explore more about it; this Sunderban should be next on your travel bucket list. The place is a popular one-day road trip near Kolkata and a paradise for wildlife lovers. Given the name of Sunderban because of countless Sundari trees around here, it’s a low-lying display of land close to the Bay of Bengal. This demonstrates that you won’t come up short on any regular magnificence in the environmental elements when you are here. Aside from this, you can visit the renowned Sunderban National Park here to recognize Bengal tigers and other rare wildlife species.

Important tips:

  • Distance from Kolkata to Sunderban — 109 km
  • The time needed to arrive at Sunderban from Kolkata—2 hours
  • What should be done — Take the boat venture for touring, spot the Bengal tigers, visit the Sanjekhali Bird Sanctuary, and visit the Netipodhani Temple.

Belur Math

Road trip to Belur Math in Kolkata

Situated on the banks of the Hooghly River, Belur, Belur Math is a popular place to visit near Kolkata for one day. There are significant sanctuaries based on this land, making it a generally entire area. If you love visiting old and sanctuaries, then, at that point, this is the right area for you.

Important tips:

  • Distance from Kolkata to Belur Math through vehicle — 11 km
  • The time needed to arrive at Belur Math — 15 minutes
  • What should be done at Belur Math — Visit the Ramakrishna Mandir, the old sanctuary of Swami Brahmananda Temple, Holy Mother Temple and the fenced-in samadhi area.


Road trip to Barrackpore in Kolkata

An appealing green objective renowned for its uplifting tones is the thing that you want for a fast, loosened-up escape from the city. Barrackpore gives you all that and is additionally a spot that rose to authentic significance during Sepoy Mutiny. You’ll get to see the individual assortments and things of the troopers, and consequently, this spot gives them an accolade as well.

Important tips:

  • Distance from Kolkata to Barrackpore — 27 km approx
  • The time needed to arrive at Barrackpore from Kolkata — 60 minutes
  • What should be done — Relax close to nature, visit the Mangal Panday Park, Gandhi Museum, Tarakeswar Temple, different Ghats — Gandhi, Nishan and Dhobi.


Road trip to Kamarpukar in Kolkata

A little yet significant town, Kamarpukur is accepted to be the origination of Saint Sri Ramakrishna, and that is why it draws in bunches of lovers. Be that as it may, regardless of whether you’re not excessively strict, this spot holds significance due to the famous temples and places of worship here that merit visiting, assuming you venerate history.

Important tips:

  • Distance from Kolkata to Kamarpukur — 97 km approx
  • The time needed to arrive at Kamarpukur from Kolkata — 3.30 hours
  • What should be done — Visit the Kamarpukur Ramakrishna Math, Gopeshwar Temple, Matri Mandir, Talpukur Lake and Simhavahini sanctuary.

You are well known for a few of the best one-day road trips near Kolkata. You have to set your plan and hit on the road with your friends and family. Make sure you follow all the COVID 19 precautions and drive safely. You can also look for some car rental services in Kolkata for your upcoming road trip plan and drive worry-free.