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5 Reasons To Make MyChoize Self-drive Car Your Partner For Next Trip

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Planning for vacations or road trips post lockdown can be quite stressful unless you don’t have a private car. These days it has become a mandate to have your car as who wants to take a risk of entering into crowded public transports. In case you don’t own a private car you can opt for a self–drive rental service and can treat rental cars like your own for as long as you require. You can take a car subscription service for a days, weeks, months or years. The convenience offered by MyChoize makes your self-drive experience worth your next trip.

Here are some reasons why you should consider MyChoize self-drive car service as your ally for your next road trip.

 Complete privacy

A small forceful chit chat from drivers is a common thing that we all face at a point in time when we travel. This can be annoying and frustrating especially if your travel is more than a week and your driver has a poky nose to comment on every topic. But when you choose MyChoize self-drive car service there is no scope of interruption in your music and conversation with your travel mates while you are driving.


When compared with the regular taxi and cab services, the car rental service offered by Mychoize is way much pocket friendly. Not to mention the surge charges that you pay during the peak hours which can ultimately double the cost of ride.

No effect of fuel surge

The recent surge in petrol has ultimately affected the cab ride charges w.e.f April 2021. The minimum fare of 1.5 Km has increased from Rs. 22.00 to Rs. 25. Beyond the minimum distance, the passengers will have to pay Rs 16.93/km which is 14.30/km. With MyChoize self-drive service; you will be free from the worry of fuel charges affecting your ride cost. You can drive anywhere anytime worry-free.


Hygiene is the most sought thing that everyone is looking for especially after the outbreak of COVID-19. When you have a self-drive car with you on your travels, you can easily maintain the hygiene part on the go. It is also a big concern for MyChoize to serve its customer the best hence, whenever you get a car it will be completely sanitized.

Zero documentation

One of the major concerns of having a private car is to document and maintain all renewal documentation of the car. When you subscribe for a car online all the documentation works such as RTO registration, insurance documentation and renewal work is always being taken by the company so that you can enjoy your travel.

There are several benefits of choosing MyChoize online car service. And if you want to avail the best car subscription services all you have to do is log on or simply download the MyChoize app and browse through several deals and from an array of make & models. You will get your well maintained sanitized brand new car at your doorstep. The service comes with an easy return policy and you can return your car before the due date considering the minimum usage days being fulfilled.