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Why Are Travelers Humble Beings

The most redeeming realization about travel is to accept your trivial existence in the universe. When you live a regular life without leaving your city of residence ever, you don’t realize the enormity of the world. However, as you start traveling, you become aware of the existence of your brethren and the path you might choose for your future.

Learn humility

Well-thought globetrotting is a significant way to put your life in perspective. We live in a world where everyone seems to derive pleasure in asserting their importance. People love to feel important as they stress upon how their family is dependent upon them for money or emotions. They love to brush their ego when they know that their friends look upon them for advice. They like to feel important in the office as their juniors flatter them.

However, travelers realize that all these efforts of ego-massage are worthless. No matter how high their self-esteem is, all that matters are the more significant facts of the world. We never realize that there is world-hunger going on in many parts of the globe when all we worry about is whether our next meal should be a lavish pizza or a seven-course dinner with family.

Travelers, after traveling to the unknown nations, comprehend that religion means nothing when it comes to humanity. Even though as a part of smaller existence, we cannot ignore the religious rituals or beliefs, these dogmas do not matter when you have to choose humans over faiths.

The globe is round, not a pyramid, and it does not let just one person stand on top of it. There can be millions of people topping the charts of travel, science, medicine, fashion, engineering, and any other field that you can identify. A frog living in one corner of a jungle might think that he is the best singer in the world but may encounter the truth once he meets a nightingale.

Travel embarrasses you

Yes, it gives a profoundly uneasy feeling in the gut to realize that you are actually nothing while you thought all this while that you were another planet in yourself on this earth. You get to see different cultures and understand that the differences in the values of different communities are actually beautiful.

You don’t need to hate someone just because they eat meat and you don’t; you may have many more reasons to develop a new bond with him or her. You may have always thought that eating with cutlery is civic, but all those forks and knives seem futile when you enjoy dining with hands in Kerala. Just because you were brought up with specific values and habits does not mean that the entire world should have done the same. It is positively awkward to meet different people with their unique beliefs, and learn more about them. It gives a salubrious reality check when you blush in those mundane yet shocking instances as you see something new. And, mind you, this territory beyond the comfort zone makes you grow your personality.

Travelers embrace their petite life

Travelers become humble with time because they embrace the facts. They, because of their open-mindedness, are ready to learn more than they can absorb in their brains. Just the fact that they can travel proves that they are blessed to have many more material possessions than millions of other people. It is delightful to realize that the poorest people on earth have the biggest hearts. They are much more generous than any of the lucky travelers could ever be. It is then that you fathom that humility is a virtue that you still need to have more of it, and that whatever you have learned until now is just a fraction of world’s wisdom.

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