Ways to Avoid Travel Burnout When You Get It

Imagine that you plan your dream trip to an exotic place, book perfectly located hotels, think about the local cuisines that you would try once you reach, and click Instagram-worthy photos to make everyone jealous. Now you reach your destination and feel great for 3-4 days, but everything starts losing its charm after that. You don’t feel the urge to see places, exploration seems irritable to you, and the individuality of the place doesn’t appeal you anymore. That, my friend, is travel burnout and it is real as opposed to the general perception that it is just a myth.

When you can get travel burnout?

When you pack too many things on a short trip, you may feel too exhausted to explore more places. You may lose the desire to try new things if you experiment with foods too often. It is better to avoid trying anything when you don’t feel like. You can go with a clichéd meal from McDonalds when you no food on the menu makes sense.

There is a general opinion that people feel fatigued of traveling in difficult destinations only, but it is not true. Even in the coolest metropolitan s of the world, you may feel too overwhelmed to go anywhere. Even the most expert travelers may experience this state.

When you feel burned out while traveling, be sympathetic to yourself and realize that it can happen to anyone. Don’t feel guilty for spending too much money and not being able to get the best use of it.

How to cope with travel burnout?

The first step to deal with any problem is to accept it without feeling in the wrong. Then comes to solution for it. Don’t over-expect from yourself. You may think about covering at least ten tourist spots in one day, but that is not an achievable target.

Spend a day in the hotel room

Yes, you may be thinking about what a waste it would be to keep sitting there in the hotel room watching Netflix. Nevertheless, it is a great way to make peace with yourself. Sing aloud in the shower, watch a movie, or talk to someone you love. Just a for a day, do nothing but enjoy the facilities of the hotel and chill. It will give you a lot of energy to rejuvenate yourself.

Set achievable targets

You cannot achieve everything in one day. Even if you try to cover every place in your itinerary, there will always be something that you will miss. It is better to set realistic targets concerning the places you can visit and the foods you can try. Else, you will feel more disappointed than delighted.

Settle down

If you are out on a long-term travel and you feel burned out, you need to find a home base. If you are in Europe for a year, for example, you may start hating hopping from one country to another. On the other hand, you can find a city that you can call home for a year and travel from there every weekend. You will find ways to settle a routine and travel will start attracting you like before.

Make friends

Even if you don’t know the language of your new city, it is possible to make friends with just a few clichéd phrases. Say Good Morning to the grocery shop owner you meet every day, and learn ways to talk to people. Having friends gives a different form of energy to beat the travel burnout.

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