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Things to Remember on your Road Trip to Himachal Pradesh

When you are an Indian traveler, your life is a waste if you do not go on a road trip to Himachal Pradesh. This is the only mountain state in India packed with countless big and small tourist places, which attract thousands of travelers every year. The weather is favorable for tourism for a greater part of the year, though a few travelers go to the snowy hills even during the bone-chilling cold. One more fact contributes to the massive tourism in Himachal Pradesh is that the region is well connected to the prime cities in the plains, which makes it possible for the locals to arrange for maximum amenities for the tourists. Although you may not find anything to complain in the hills of Himachal Pradesh, you still need to remember a few things for a memorable road trip.

Pack according to the upcoming weather

Depending on the duration you plan to spend in Himachal, you must check the forthcoming weather conditions. If you are traveling to mountains during the summer, you don’t need to worry much about clothing. You can pack lightweight cotton clothes, sunscreen lotion, and a few eatables. You can manage with bare minimum packing as you will get almost everything that you need on the hills, in case you need anything. However, during your winter road trip, you cannot take your health for granted. You must pack warm clothes and blankets in the car so that you can survive in case you are stuck somewhere. Don’t forget to pack medicines and eatables as well.

Get the car serviced

It is essential to get your car well serviced before any road trip, especially when the plan is to go on the hills. Whether you drive a diesel car or the petrol version, you must verify that all parts of the vehicle are functioning properly. Some of the elements that need your attention are fluids in radiator, brake, power steering, transmission, and windshield; air pressure in tires, oils, tire suspension, light bulbs, and belts and hoses. In case you plan to hire a Self-Drive Car, you must talk to the Car Rental Company about the servicing of the car. The company may also have a clause in the agreement to reimburse the amount of repairs that you may have to get done if the vehicle is not serviced well.

Drive carefully

If you are new to driving on the hills, the experience might be intimidating for you. Take care of a few tips to drive carefully so that you do not pose a danger for yourself or others. When you are driving uphill, the pickup of the car is slow; you must not overtake without reading the signs for narrow bridges, bends, or any other available information. You must be able to see the road clearly in front of you before running past any vehicle. The vehicles coming downhill are at more speed than those going uphill, which means that you must keep your car on your left at all times without any exception. Careless driving on the hills can have severe consequences for many people in just a few seconds.

Hotel bookings

You can find plenty of websites and apps to book your hotel, homestay, or hostel in Himachal Pradesh. Several chains of hotels are also listed on these websites, which makes it easy to make quick bookings. If you are traveling during peak season, never go to any hill station without a reservation. However, you can try your luck to find beautiful hotels during the offseason.

Shoes are important

You must pay particular attention to the kind of shoes if you are planning to go for a trekking expedition. Never use canvas shoes while trekking as they may tear off quickly, and you will not find any substitutes for your feet on the tough terrains. In case you have to walk bare feet on the hiking routes, you will curse yourself throughout the stay. Therefore, it is wise to invest in a good brand of sports shoes or trekking shoes to stay safe as the conditions on the hills may get really tough if you are not well prepared. You can easily buy good quality footwear from any good brand between 3-5 thousand INR, which will last for many years.

Power banks

When your phone switches off for a long time, it can be worrisome for you and your family back home. When you have plans to go for camping or trekking, you will not find any charging points or electricity on your way. Therefore, it is better to have a fully-charged power bank with you so that your phone never goes out of battery. Again, invest in a good quality power bank that can last for a long time.


If you are fond of clicking professional photos, you must carry additional batteries and memory cards for your camera. The entire state of Himachal Pradesh is abound with breathtaking scenic views, which you may not want to miss capturing. Your camera batteries may also need charging, which would again require you to have a power bank.

People in the northern hills are warm by nature; they may never speak rudely with you without any reason. They value tourists a lot, and you will find it amazing to be with them. Each moment spent on the hills is an unforgettable one, especially when you reach the mountaintop after a long trekking expedition. Plan well and leave a little room for spontaneity; you will love your time in Himachal Pradesh.