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Car subscription service is the new and different way of owning a car, that includes all its benefits and perks, excluding the hassles of down payments, maintenance costs, and loans. This is a facility that allows you the freedom to own a car of your choice, with no long-term commitments; so, you can extend, return, or buy the car whenever you want. Moreover, you can avail all these services at a price that is cheaper than an EMI! Read below to know more about car subscription service in Chennai.

Benefits of car subscription

Hassle-free ownership of the car of your choice:

This service offers you car ownership without including the payments and procedures of car loans, down payments, or regular insurance and maintenance costs.

Choose a car of your choice:

Using car subscription service in India, you can use a car of your liking, as well as exchange it according to your liking and preference. This gives a great opportunity to the car lovers to try their hand on different cars, before they get ready to actually buy one. You can get a Hyundai subscription, Maruti subscription, or any other car company and type of your choice.

Free service and maintenance:

The total price of car subscription involves the charges and costs of service and maintenance on a regular basis. This does not cost you additional price.

Car subscription in Chennai

Whether you are travelling in, around, or from Chennai, you can enjoy the ride just the way you want by taking as many pitstops as you like. You can get subscription to self-drive cars of your choice in Chennai, that gives you the privacy and freedom that you would expect and desire in a car of your own. A wide range of rental cars are available in Chennai, out of which you can select- sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs, luxury cars, MUVs, and more.

MyChoize offers all these facilities and services in Chennai on an hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis, with the help of which you can fulfil your leisure travel needs, business needs, or just a weekend getaway requirement. With the available car subscription service in Chennai, you can explore the city, its life, and its culture with utmost comfort and convenience. It is a facility that comes with added benefits of anywhere-anytime delivery, unlimited kilometres, and limited liability.

You just need to follow the following steps to get subscription to the car of your choice in Chennai:

Step 1-

Search and Book

Step 2-

Upload documents; driver’s licence and address book

Step 3-

Get your car delivered to your preferred location and enjoy your drive

Step 4-

Return the car at your preferred location or at one of the company’s drop points

So, what are you waiting for? Get your next car subscription now! Visit our website for more details.