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Let Travel Change Your Personality for Better

Internet and social media have made the world appear so small that it fits into a 5-inch Smartphone. Your tiny phone may teleport you to the remote corners of the world and make you feel that you practically live where your friends stay. You may talk to someone living in the UK twice a day, and know so much about their routine that you tend to know everything about the lifestyle in their city. Nevertheless, figurative and practical realization about a place and its people are two different things. You may read tons of books about your dream city, but you will know about it inside out only when you go there to spend time. Travel changes your persona not only from outside but also from inside. When you reach new cities and hamlets, you realize that the world is not as small as you think; it is much bigger than your imagination.

Family running on beach at sunset, rear view

Family running on beach at sunset, rear view

The real face of life

Travel teaches you that life is not black and white; it is full of thousands of shades of grey. You may have a particular perception about a place, but the reality may be entirely different from what you think. When you are in Israel, for example, you may have to take care about your security a lot. The political and social turbulence of the country create tension for the locals as well as tourists. You may have a few or many luxuries in your country, but travel teaches you that millions of people survive without the basics of life. On the other hand, the world of the rich around the world is an entirely new environment for you when you meet them. The grays in the lives of people let you know that some questions in life do not have a definite answer; you have to fight for them throughout your existence.


Cross the limits of your comfort zone

When you come out of the airplane to step on a foreign land where people do not speak your language, you test your limits of endurance. You realize whether or not you can live outside your comfort zone while struggling for the basics of tourism. You feel scared about losing your money right at the airport. Still, you console yourself that everything will be alright and that you will feel good in the new environment. You absorb that it is essential for you to go across your boundaries of coziness to avoid being stuck. When you want to achieve big in life, you have to take big risks.


The desire to discover

Travel leaves you craving for more, no matter how much of the world you see. When you start loving the hills, you want to explore as many mountaintops as possible. When you visit a beach, you wish to be at as many beaches as possible. Having a conversation with people who do not speak your language gives instant gratification of being human with your brethren. When you hire a cab for the first time in a metropolitan, you would like to experience a Self-Drive Car Rental. When you try seafood for the first time in South-East Asia, you cannot stop asking for more in your country. The world is so vast that you never feel satisfied visiting just a few places in the world.


You do not have to be a millionaire to travel around the world; effective planning and travel hacks are enough to move on a modest budget. It is essential for everyone to step out of their comfort zone, be it in any form or at any time of life. There are a lot of places to see and things to do; allow yourself to have the opportunity to travel. Let yourself grow as a person just by wandering around the world.