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Give Away Your Stuff before Leaving for Long Term Travel

The most important task to do while planning for fulltime vacation is to rent or sell the house. While the major part of your planning is done when you sort out the house, there are zillions of things lying around in the place that need your attention. If you are not able to deal with them properly, you will have to leave the house with a massive burden on your shoulders.

Three months before leaving

You might have arranged for selling your house and car already, now is the time to sell the furniture and other big things when you are just a few months away from leaving the city. Rather than signing up on commercial buying and selling websites, you can try selling your stuff on Facebook. The dedicated trading websites invite hardcore buyers who negotiate too hard. Better give your Facebook friends a chance and let them take a look at what you have to offer. You might even find buying and selling pages on Facebook specific to your locality.

Arrange a decent storage space for the stuff that you want to keep, though you must not get too attached to insignificant things. If your city offers professional storage space, you may pay for it. You can also pay a slightly lesser amount to your friends for storing your things; it also helps them use the money for their needs. However, friends and relatives can be careless with your possessions, so you must be prepared to find damaged or stolen products.

One month before leaving

When you are just one month away from your extended vacation, you need to arrange for a buyer for the last car or bike in the house. You can easily find car dealing companies in the metropolitans, and the car dealers in small cities. Yet, you will hate it to find yourself struggling to find a buyer the last moment if you do not do it in time.

Start transferring the things you want to keep to the storage you have arranged. Don’t leave things for the last minute arrangements, which will make you feel tired on the first day of your holiday. You must keep only those things in the house that you want to take with you. Just a month is not a big deal to live without your possessions that are going to be away from you for a much more extended period than that.

Inform your employer about your date of departure even when you have served the notice already. Your boss may want you to train a new employee in your place. It is always better to leave the workplace on good terms.

Two weeks before leaving

Going for a long vacation for a lifetime is like getting married when you have to part with your old house and belongings, no matter how dear they are to you. When you are only a couple of weeks away from your departure, it is time to invite your buddies and cousins over a give-it-away party where they can pick up things that you could not sell. These are the little things that do not find buyers, you cannot take them with you, but they are too valuable to throw into a bin.

Bring out everything on tables and shelves and ask your friends to take whatever they like. They can also donate them to other people. You can also ask them to take care of your things and send them photos when they place them in the house. Just a couple of days before leaving, you can keep the remaining stuff in storage. It is heart-breaking to leave everything like that, but again, it is delightful to look at the bright future waiting for you on the other side of the world.
So, for long term vacation, long term car subscription would be the best option for an unstoppable journey.