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Getaways from Cliché Getaways around Pune

Pune, the Epicentre of natural beauty


I can, without a second thought, say that at any point in life, culminating in a decent-earning Job in Pune is the best thing that can happen to someone. Being born and brought up in Delhi till the age of 25, it was hard for me to leave the city. A true Delhi-ite by heart, I wondered what good could come to me in Pune. The first month was spent cribbing and whining and missing the Delhi metro even though I traveled around Pune everywhere in self-drive cars. Thankfully, MyChoize made sure I do not miss my car and Pune took my love for driving to another level by introducing me to the roads I had never seen before. Following is a list of locations I have been to over the past one month and found each one of them unique.

1) Kashid/Alibaug/Nagaon Beach


Kashid and Nagaon, being situated in the North Konkan regions, are one of those less traveled places and hence, not very crowded. You can spend a complete weekend in the region and cover all the three beaches in the same day. The drive from Khapoli exit to Alibaug is full of picturesque places, and you can’t resist stopping now and then to capture the beauty in your camera. You must walk to Kolaba Fort if the tides are low; else, you need to take a boat to come back if the tides get high. Fresh coconut water and sea food are a must-have if you are in this region.

2) Mahabaleshwar


The drive from Pune to Mahabaleshwar is an experience in itself. There are so many spots to halt your car at throughout the route. Most people do not visit the old Mahabaleshwar Temple, which I think, is something they miss big time. Then comes the most visited place here, the Kate’s Point. All the other known tourist spots such as the Needle Point, Elephant Point, Echo Point, etc. are here only at a distance of a few meters. You can also check out the Venna Lake. On the way to Mahabaleshwar, you can stop by the Mapro Wholesale Outlets where you can get clean washrooms, amazing beverages, and decent food. Strawberries are the local fruit you can buy as the region is known for strawberry farming.

3) Tamhini Ghats


I have complete confidence in saying that Tamini Ghats are a perfect escape from the world. There is no cellular connectivity in the area, which ensures you stay captivated by the immense beauty of nature. Natural waterfalls with crystal clear rain water are there for you to enjoy bathing in them fearlessly. Nothing much can be said in words, except that witnessing the beauty here is an out of the world experience. Kamat Restaurant is the only place I can suggest you should stop by for eating. The same route goes to Kokan, so you can go to Alibaug beach from here. I would advise you to go there on Saturdays; it gets very crowded on Sunday and there are high chances of getting stuck in traffic as the road is narrow. Another must-remember tip is to avoid driving at the extreme edges of the path as the mud is all wet and the cars often get stuck.

4) Lavasa


Lavasa is one city you will get attached to the moment you reach there; the entire journey has countless waterfalls. Moshi Dam, which is on the way, is a treat to the eyes when you see it from a height. The drive to Lavasa is a little steep. The entire city is constructed in international style architecture with a lot of small colorful buildings. Clouds all around the place add a mystical touch to the whole experience. Lavasa is perfect for people who love to get clicked. You can choose from several options for dining; All American Diner being the best of them. Apart from the fantastic food choices, Lavasa Express, a toy train, is another must have experience. They charge Rs.100 per person, which is totally worth it. The entry cost in Lavasa is Rs.500, which is the last thing you will remember after visiting this place.

A checklist if you are planning to visit these places:

  • Visiting a place during the right season is very important, July and August are the best months to pay a visit to the places mentioned above as rainfall is what brings the best out of them.
  • Rain coats will help you hang out freely. Umbrellas won’t be of much use as they usually get broken in heavy winds.
  • Carry a spare set of clothes so that you can take a dip in the waterfalls without worrying about being wet for the rest of your journey.
  • I would personally suggest you go with an MUV or SUV. Going in a self-drive car is a great idea since not only the drive is a delightful experience, but you can also stop anywhere for any amount of time without worrying about the chauffeur.
  • No camera can capture the beauty you can cherish with the naked eye; I would still suggest that these places are perfect to bring out your DSLRs from the closet, especially if they are water resistant.

About the Author – This post is written by Monal Kohli, who is a passionate traveler & blogger. He loves to share his love for travel with photos and stories.