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Exploring Goa in a hired car

Hola Travel freaks!! Planning another week long Goa trip? Perhaps you’ve even started day dreaming about it. But hang on, what is it that comes in your mind when you first think of Goa? Cheap Alcohol? Beautiful beaches? Well, there’s a common view amongst people when it comes to Goa. Folks often wonder about Goa’s beaches and ravishing nightlife. But have you ever thought about the hidden treasures in Goa? Well, here’s a think, travelling is a medication for many, and when it comes to Goa, a true explorer would choose the places hidden from the travel books, to explore what remains unexplored. Wondering how would it go? Ask me that later and cling on as I walk you through this journey of exploration of the unexplored in Goa even before you head there.

Jetting off and Landing in Goa…

So where to begin from… perhaps it all begins by rounding up a list of the places and jetting off to Goa. After all the talks around the charms of Goa, reaching to main Goa is still a hassle. There is no option other than a taxi to reach Panjim which is the capital of Goa. Taxies are easily accessible from Dabolim Airport, although the prices are a bit on the higher side. So here’s a thing, an ideal plan is to head over to Panjim by hiring a car from Goa Airport, since the airport is located slightly in an offbeat location. Perhaps trying self-drive car hire in Goa for your further travel.

Heading to Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary…

So after recovering from my travel fatigue, its time you move on, and what better place than heading to a place so offbeat but a paradise for nature and wildlife lovers? Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary is one of those places hidden in Goa. Not widely known among tourists heading to Goa, the place is a gem and deserves to get a healthy number of visitors. Spreading over an area of 240sq. km is the biggest wildlife preserve within the state of Goa. This place could be a treat both for nature lovers and climbing devotees as there are different climbing trails navigating this gigantic tract of land. The range here is for the most part secured with flawless vegetation and comprises of west coast tropical evergreen forests. You will easily find species of herbivorous creatures like spotted deer, hoard, mouse deer and woofing deer. Among the 120 winged creature species found in this put, the most common is the Ruby-throated Yellow Bulbul, which is also the state bird of Goa. Separated from the extraordinary assortment of greenery and fauna found here, this sanctuary comprises of other attractions as well like Dudhsagar Waterfalls, Tambi Falls and Devil’s Canyon, other than others.

A Halt at Netravali – The Bubbling Lake

Another hidden place full of mysteries around it, Netravali lake easily becomes a must visit place in the region. Located in the remote village of Netravali, the lake witnesses a rise of bubbles in certain areas of the lake in a continuous manner. While the locals carry a religious belief around it, the scientific view says it is due to the presence of carbon or sulfur dioxide gas. That being said, the bubbles appear to respond to the sound and rise faster which might have lead the locals to carry a religious view around it.

Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

Located on the island of Chorao within the Mandovi Waterway, Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is one of the smallest protected zones of Goa. It has been named after Dr. Salim Ali Moizuddin Ali, a regarded and popular ornithologist of India. It gives a superb insight into the interesting biological system of the mangroves. This sanctuary is have to a number of common and unprecedented species of swamp dwelling fowls and creatures. The most amazing attraction of the place is the boat ride run by the forest department during the high tide.

Cumbarjua Canal, an unknown wonder…

A place not many visitors in Goa know about, Cumbarjua canal is the place to be. And when you’re driving around the remote locations of Goa, why not add another place to your list? Cumbarjua Canal, a narrow extend of salty water which is expanded to around 15km in length. It interfaces the two streams of Goa, to be specific the Mandovi and the Zuari. The damp banks of the canal frame a delicate environment and are one of the leading places for observing crocodiles within the state. The island of Cumbarjua was a no man’s land between the Portuguese and Bijapur regions. Hence, the crocodiles that are found here were brought into these brackish waters approximately a hundred years back in order to avoid trespassers.

Hence, its time you explore Goa the way no one has ever explored before. Visit places that are unreal and hear the unique stories about it. Home to the beautiful beaches, Goa has a lot of gems hidden and the visitors coming here are virtually unaware about them. Apart from these places discussed above, he list the goes on. So why not drive around to these places? Head over to Goa today and rent a car for your tour around the state.