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Best Way to be in Chandigarh This Summer

Possibly, Chandigarh is the only city in India that is modern as well as traditional at the same time. With a large chunk of youngsters in the city, Chandigarh boasts of greenery all around, systematic arrangement of traffic and markets, low rate of crime, and a lively spirit among the people. All these factors are good enough to attract thousands of tourists every year to the city. Even the locals of Chandigarh are fond of hanging around various places in their neighborhood. In addition to Chandigarh, you can also plan your trip to the breathtaking Himachal Pradesh, which is just close by. Let us find out a few clichéd yet amazing things to do in the city beautiful.

Government museum and art gallery


The government museum and art gallery is a quick way to know about Chandigarh and India. Many of the artifacts, sculptures, and paintings are brought from the time of partition of India in 1947 from the Lahore Museum. This exalted historical center was opened in 1968.

Fun city

fun city

Technically, Fun City is not located in Chandigarh, but this amusement park is at a distance of only 20 kilometers from the city. It is an expansive place that accommodates activities for all age groups, which makes it an ideal destination for a day out with family and friends when you are in Chandigarh.

Dolls Museum

Dolls Museum

Visiting a museum is great learning experience for kids, which is why Dolls Museum was set up in Chandigarh in 1985. It is a historical center that was initially built to please the young generation of the city, but it has grown to earn acclaim worldwide.

Rock Garden


Visiting Rock Garden is a must when you are in Chandigarh. Otherwise, you risk wasting your visit to the city. This garden holds a significant spot among the parks of India because of its unique architecture and concept of building sculptures. The models, sculptures, and artifacts are created right there in the garden with local and modern waste. The man behind the construction of the park, Nek Chand, had built it without any support from anyone, the government took over the place later, however. It is a must-visit place in Chandigarh to spend a good time with your family, kids, or friends.

Sukhna Lake


The grand Sukhna Lake is another landmark of Chandigarh, which is an inseparable part of the city. Just like Rock Garden, you ought to come to Sukhna Lake either alone or with someone. The tourists, as well as locals, come to this place to find a grand manmade lake that spreads up to 3 kilometers that was built in 1958. The impressive waterfront of the lake is a great place to sit on the shore and listen to the calling of the chirpy birds. You can also enjoy boating in the lake and take delight in the calmness of the lake.

Butterfly Park


Chandigarh has another splendid place to spend time with nature and its beautiful creations called butterflies. You can just come here, admire the beauty of the site, and have a good time with the friendly butterflies. The recreation center in the park lets you unwind and have a peaceful time.

Being in Chandigarh itself is a treat to the eyes as you can appreciate the beauty of the city, indulge in the healthy lifestyle, or just be so touristy. Every sector in this gorgeous city has its own market, some of which are very famous. You can shop at these markets, especially the sector-17 one, to grab the essence of the city beautiful. Do not forget to drive around in your car on the Gedi Route to know what it means to be among the youth of Chandigarh. When you are in Chandigarh, just be there at the moment.

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