11 Days Road Trip Delhi to Leh Via Manali

Delhi to leh via manali road trip

Leh is a paradise in the literal sense for everyone, be it adrenaline-freaks, photography-enthusiasts, or peace-seekers. All you can gain from the experience never equals to anything else.

However, this is not about Leh, this about the road that leads to Leh, the road very frequently taken!

There are many direct routes that lead to this exquisite beauty, but how about we tell you that the journey is going to be as fun from the start? Beginning from the capital!

By choosing mychoize cars to get a self-drive car in Delhi, you promise yourself almost 24 hours and a thousand kilometres of great adventure clubbed with unparalleled comfort!

By choosing mychoize cars to get a self-drive car in Delhi, you promise yourself almost 24 hours and a thousand kilometres of great adventure clubbed with unparalleled comfort!

What Places Will You Be Seeing On the Way?

Probably many of the names you never used while playing Atlas in school – because you didn’t know they existed! This is how the route will look:

The uprising route to the whites of terrain assures your senses a different kind of elevation!

How Would You Choose to Get There?

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Your Itinerary

Day 1 to 2

Start from Delhi at your own time, reach Chandigarh after about 5 hours in all. Spend the day in Chandigarh – see the famous Rock Garden!

Day 3 to 8

Start off to your Layover point Manali, it a roughly eight to nine hour journey, you will reach at the end of the day if you choose to stop for refreshments.

Visit various tourist attractions such as:

Hidimba Devi Temple

The 1554 built one-of-a-kind Hindu shrine dedicated to Hidimba, the wife of Bheema from Mahabharat. It is a densely populated spot for travellers all over the world.

Jogini Waterfalls

Another famous stop, enjoy the tranquillity of these beautiful cascades, witnessing the serene snow-capped Rohtang and River Beas flowing along your trail. Being a famous pilgrimage point, you may also see many small Hindu temples along the course.
There are many others, like the Naggar Castle, Himalayan Nyingmapa Buddhist Temple, and Manali Gompa. Do your research!

Day 9 to 10

Drive all your way to the 12 hour route – straight to Leh! Witness beautiful passes like Nakee La and Tanglang La. You are recommended to take a stop in Pang, Leh-Manali Highway, which is about 4 hours to your destination.

Situated at an altitude of 15640 metres, it is an attractive camping option with tented accommodations and food-and-refreshment stalls. If you have your car, it is a must to witness the jaw-dropping bliss of a place this is!

Also, Pang holds the title of being the highest army transit camp of India – where the army men can stay over between their journey to regions near Pakistan or China.

Day 10 to 11

Your destination is just outside your windows! You have reached the paragon of true beauty! Spend your days seeing the Zanskar, the Leh Palace, Magnetic Hill, Namgyal Tsemo Gompa and a lot more!

Winding up, buckle up your ride, and play your vibe! Your road trip to the abode of equanimity in nature is going to be awe-inspiring! To add icing on the cake…well here, mountains, your choice of renting from mychoize cars will accentuate the feeling of safety all over!