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Car Subscription V/S Buying a used car V/S Buying a new car :

Car Subscription Buying a used car Buying a new car
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Free service & maintenance
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Option to switch cars
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Rhy Testimonial

Thank you for providing unlimited kilometers. Our road trip with friends was so stress free and fun because we knew we did not have to pay anything over the money each of us pooled in no matter where all we went.
Rythm Manchanda

Sunil Testimonial

I loved the service. The cars were clean and the delivery guy was polite. Thank you for the surprise gift in your car.
Sunil Sharma

PT Testimonial

Cheapest yet the most wonderful cars. I loved how MyChoize provides Japanese quality at Indian Prices. Great fun and amazing cars. Thanks
Preety Naveen

User Identity

Thank you very much for your quality service. We take this privilege to thank you for the efforts team made going extra mile for doorstep service. We welcome and really appreciate this gesture.
Dhawal Thacker


Yes, a car subscription in Mumbai is a better option to opt-in compared to buying a new or used car for the following reasons:

Easy online booking, no road tax, down payment required, and no liability. At any time, you can extend or return. An annual insurance policy is included, there is no waiting period. No long-term commitment is required and easy upgrades are available, as well as maintenance and service of the car, taken care of by Mychoize itself.

A car subscription is a new way of owning a car with zero down payments and no long-term commitments. Customers can subscribe to a car for a tenure of 1 month to 6 months. The best part of the subscription service is that your monthly rental fees cover all your expenses for insurance, servicing, and maintenance of the vehicle.

Mychoize accepts payments by Credit/Debit cards (MX, visa/master card), net banking, wallet and UPI. All rental payments are made in advance through our website or mobile application. However, the Security Deposit should be paid before taking delivery of the car. We do not accept cash.

The subscription process of Mychoize is simple and consists of four steps. First, look through our website or download our Mychoize application to subscribe to a car. Next, fill in all required information, such as the date, time, and location where you want the car and your tenure period after choosing your desired car. Finally, pay the amount; you will receive a confirmation email from Mychoize once the payment has been processed. You can also contact our call center and subscribe to a car by calling our helpline number.

To subscribe to a car, KYC documents which include your photo identity, valid driving license and address proof (Aadhar Card), are required. In case of address mismatch, additional documents such as voter card, passport, and hiring city local address proof may be required.

Mychoize car subscription gives the flexibility of owning a car with zero liabilities and down payments at an affordable price. In addition, the customer gets easy upgrades on car models/brands to drive every month with any time return policy.

The tenure for a car subscription in Mumbai ranges from 1 month to 6 months based on your opt choice.

MyChoize car subscription packages start at Rs.23,999, which is less expensive than EMI and only costs 700 to 800 per day if you subscribe to a car. The cost of a subscription, however, can vary depending on the type of vehicle, transmission, location, time, and other factors.

Yes, Mychoize includes all fares and annual insurance. Down payments, taxes, pollution, and insurance are not required.

Your refund request will be processed one day after returning the car to Mychoize. Your bank will generally credit the same amount to your account within 7–10 business days.

Yes, if the car suffers any damage or is stolen, the damage cost up is to INR 6,000/- is to be paid by the Hirer, which will be deducted from the security deposit. If the damage is more than INR 6,000 an insurance claim will be filed, and the amount of depreciation and parts not covered under the insurance will be liable to the Hirer. Also, if the car is returned unclean, dirty or littering, the user will be charged with additional expenses as a penalty.

To check out the latest offers on car subscriptions, visit the official website of MyChoize and click on the 'Deals' section to know more about discounts.

Yes, Mychoize Mumbai provides doorstep delivery for subscription. MyChoize provides both doorstep - pick-up and drop-off services. However, please note that doorstep delivery does not exist between 9 pm to 6:00 am.

MyChoize provides the best car subscription services in Mumbai, which do not require any waiting period between booking and delivery process.

Mychoize provides a monthly car subscription with 3600 km for free, and customers need to pay only for the extra kilometers in Mumbai.

Mychoize provides the car with fuel in the tank. The hirer should verify and confirm the same before starting their journey. Mychoize accepts the car only with the same quantity of the fuel in the tank, but if the amount of the fuel at the time of returning the car to Mychoize is less than the fuel level at the rental start and time, then a 10% refuelling charge and above differential refuelling service charge will be deducted from the security deposit or any other credit or funds is with Mychoize or any person. If security deposits exhaust, the hirer will be liable to pay the additional payment, which will be shared with the hirer. The user of the car subscription pays tolls, parking and interstate taxes.

The rental amount includes GST according to GOVT laws. Apart from that, annual insurance is included in the main services. In addition to the rental amount, a small Security Deposit is to be made of Rs. 6000, which will be refunded once the car is returned in good condition.

Generally, Mychoize’s car ageing is between 0 to 36 months.

Yes, Mychoize is flexible, you can easily switch to different car model/brand every month according to your choice and preferences.

If you are involved in any accidents, then:

  • No replacement will be provided in case of minor/major accidents or in cases aroused because of Hirer’s negligence.

  • In the case of intentional damage, such as continuing to drive the car after an accident or rash driving or driving under extreme conditions, will lead to the complete forfeiting of the security deposit over-and-above the incurred damage cost.

If your hired vehicle breaks down or meets an accident, then you are required to:

  • Hirer is requested to notify us immediately (within 4 hours) to MyChoize by sending an email to selfdrive@orixindia.com or by calling us on the helpline number +91 95 1234 1234 so that we can coordinate and provide roadside assistance.
  • In case of accident, filing an FIR is requested in the nearest police station. Don’t leave the scene till the proper support arrives. You might need to sign different formality documents associated with the accident.

One of the benefits of a car subscription from Mychoize is that regular free servicing of cars and the maintenance is the responsibility of MyChoize itself, which helps keep the user free from any servicing stress.

Yes, Mychoize car subscription service in Mumbai provides 24/7 roadside assistance in case of any car accident or breakdown.

Yes, charges will be pressed in case of over speeding and driving above maximum speed that is 80km/hr. The charges differ according to instances:

  • For 1st instance: You will be charged Rs.2500+ Government fines (if any), in addition to removal from MyChoize if such happens in the next booking as well
  • For the 2nd instance: You will be charged Rs. 2500+ Government fines (if any) and, in addition, will be removed from MyChoize.

To extend the hire period of the monthly car subscription in Mumbai hirer must inform us in writing to email ID selfdrive@orixindia.com or you can also call us on our helpline number- +91 95 1234 1234 at least 7 days in advance before the expiry of the subscription.

  • No, you must return the car back to the same city where you hired it. But if you drop the car off in another city without mentioning it while booking the car, a penalty of INR 1500 will be levied along with the complete hourly rate and any late fees until the vehicle is returned to the correct location.
  • In case the car is dropped off outside of the city limits of the pickup location, then the actual cost of transporting the car to the correct location will be charged along with INR 1500, along with the complete hourly rate and any late fees until the vehicle is returned to the correct location.

Yes, Mychoize offers a monthly car subscription for the CNG car in Mumbai.

If the car subscription booking is cancelled before 24 hours of the trip start time, transaction fees of INR 600 will be deducted. However, if the booking is cancelled within 24 hours of the trip start time, INR 4000 will be charged as cancellation fees. But, if the Hirer wishes to cancel the Subscription post the trip start time, the entire Security Deposit will be forfeited. In addition to this, pro-rated rental for the utilisation period will be charged.

GST 28% will apply to all of the charges mentioned above.

Suppose the hirer fails to pick up the car as per the scheduled rental start time without informing the MyChoize team about the same. In that case, the incident will be treated as a No-Show resulting in the forfeiture of the rental charges, and the security deposit will be refunded. The cancellation charges will be adjusted from the rental costs and the security deposit paid by the hirer. The remaining of the total amount paid shall be refunded post necessary adjustments within 7-10 business days after cancellation of the booking.

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