10 Amazing Beaches to visit in Goa

The beaches in Goa are like gems on the Indian coastline, with each beach being more precious than the other. While churches, architecture and nightlife are always offering a great time, the main tourist attraction in Goa is the seashore with over 35 beaches lining the 100km coastline. The best way to explore Goa and its gems is in a  self-drive car.

In Goa, there’s a beach for every mood; from water sports and party hubs to romantic getaways and a shopper’s paradise! Here are 10 amazing beaches in Goa to visit on your next trip

1.Baga Beach:

The most popular beach in North Goa, Baga gets its name from the Baga Creek. It shares a continuous stretch with 3 other beaches starting from Sinquerim, Candolim, Calangute which then lead to Baga. Some of Goa’s finest resorts, spas and pubs are located along the Baga beach yet the main tourist attraction on Baga are the water sports! Jet skis, Banana boat rides, Dolphin rides, Speed Boats and Parasailing adventures offer a thrill rarely matched!

The best way to reach Goa is to drive down in a self-drive car. You can get cars on rent in Goa at reasonable rates which give you. More accessibility and freedom to make your own way in the Party Capital!

2. Arambol Beach:

With excellent sea food, culture and surfing, Arambol is the perfect getaway beach! Grab a surfboard when here and ride the waves to your heart’s content. Visit the bustling bazaar for an evening of busy negotiations and then find tranquility at the freshwater lake nearby. Or you could just drive down in a self-drive car to North Goa and hang on the beach with some travelers, making merry around a bonfire and just laze around the whole time!

3. Vagator Beach:

This crescent moon shaped beach is a popular place for sightseeing in North Goa. It’s a rocky beach surrounded by cliffs, giving you many perfect angles to catch the beauty of a Goan sunrise and sunset. The artistic panorama is replete with both local and global artists & musicians and you can have a great time at the parties here!

4. Candolim Beach:

This is the right beach for sun, sizzle and shacks! Drive down to Candolim for a chilled beer in the beach huts and shacks. Photographers! Assemble! For the waves in Candolim are set against natural sand dunes-a rare feature in Goa- and offer great frames for the perfect beach shot! While it is busy, you can always drive down from Candolim to other sightseeing places in Goa in a self-drive rental car and explore Goa the way you like!

5. Morjim Beach:

With hundreds of chirping tropical birds and as a nesting beach for the vulnerable Olive Ridley turtles, Morjim provides peace and relief to many wild souls. It’s a popular tourist attraction in goa, especially during the hatching period of turtles and many nature lovers flock down here to watch baby turtles take their tiny steps towards the ocean. This is a beach for rejuvenation and rehabilitation with yoga retreats, detox spas and a calming walk along the shore. Feel one with nature and the universe when you visit Morjim and replenish your soul with some self-care.

6. Hollant Beach:

Hollant is one of the quietest beaches, located near Vasco city in South Goa. The water current near Hollant is low and the current is low, making this an ideal beach for waddling and swimming in the sea! Located in a cove, you can only get to Hollant in a personal vehicle. It’s best to get cars on rent in Goa and drive down to Hollant for a swim in the sea and a spectacular view of the. Goan sunset.

7. Kakolem Beach:

If going off convention and discovering new places is up your sleeve, Kakolem is the place for you. Kakolem or Tiger Beach is hard to find and hence, has remained an undiscovered paradise.You can only reach here from NH 66, via Cola Village and you need a personal vehicle for the same. Book a self-drive car in Goa and head out here for an almost private beach-like experience!

8. Cola Beach:

This beach is another one of Goa’s hidden treasures with coconut palm groves and a quiet, rippling lagoon. It’s a secluded beach where no buses go so you need to rent a bike or car in Goa to discover this secret beach. You can reach Cola from Margaon in a self-drive rental car. The Rajasthani style tents and beach huts along the beach are gradually becoming a popular tourist attraction in Goa.

9. Mobor Beach:

While most Goa trips are on a budget, you might want to spend a little more to experience the serenity at Mobor beach. The sand is absolutely clean and white and the waves are as blue as they come! The Leela in Goa has a private beach in Mobor and the experience is a luxury! If you like handicrafts, Mobor offers some quaint stores for shopping too!

10. Querim (Keri) beach

This is where history and the sea come together. The site of the ancient Tiracol Fort, Querim is a quiet beach where the waters run deep and the waves crash high. The sea from atop the fort is an exquisite sight and you can also see the Tiracol river meeting the. Majestic Arabian sea at this beach. There are a few wellness retreats around as well as great spots for paragliding on the sea. Not many tourists come here so you can explore the beach and around at leisure.

Be it sightseeing in Goa or visiting the popular tourist attractions in Goa, a self-drive car offers you all the freedom with none of the liabilities! On your next road trip to Goa, forget your woes of transport and book yourself a self-drive car in Goa for the most amazing time.